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  • The Blockchain and Us (2017)

    Some think the blockchain is mostly hype, others believe it will change the world as we know it.
  • We can change the world

    What can I do? I am alone, and there are a lot of them. People degraded, humanity is heading for the abyss.
  • Who Killed the Electric Car?

    Who Killed the Electric Car? is a 2006 documentary film that explores the creation, limited commercialization, and subsequent destruction of the battery electric vehicle in the United States, specifically the General Motors EV1 of the mid-1990s.
  • Pass It On

    Filmed along the same lines as What the Bleep, The Secret, and The Celestine Prophecy.
  • The War on Democracy

    Award winning journalist John Pilger examines the role of Washington in America's manipulation of Latin American politics during the last 50 years leading up to the struggle by ordinary people to free themselves from poverty and racism.
  • Occupation 101

    A documentary on war propaganda: how governments manipulate the facts and how most media let them get away with it.
  • The Big American Show

    Short documentary about the current intentions of the US ruling elite, in relation to the world, to which aspired to and which have already achieved.
  • Money, Banking and the Federal Reserve

    Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson understood "The Monster". But to most Americans today, "Federal Reserve" is just a name on the dollar bill.
  • Invaluable dollar

    To date, the dollar became the de facto world currency - gold exchange reserves in most countries consists of US dollars, while the US foreign debt is growing rapidly and America is living at the expense of the whole world.
  • Collapse

    A documentary on Michael Ruppert, a police officer turned independent reporter who predicted the current financial crisis in his self-published newsletter, From the Wilderness.