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Prizm became once more Faster, more Stable, more Secure and more Detailed.

What's new in the Prizm core 1.9.19 PrizmCore 1.9.19 Changelog

1. The Big Things

1.1. Lightning-fast brand new rollback mechanic rollback speed extremely boosted rollback reliability is greatly improved.

We implemented very fast and stable algorithm to provide the best performance Prizm ever had.

1.2. Lightning-fast blockchain download approximately 2x times faster (depends on your hardware)

Deep optimizations and implicit decisions made Prizm really fast.

1.3. PrizmCore Web Interface feature "Disciples" is now implemented in the waterfall style

Discover your Disciples network using PrizmCore Web Interface as deep as you wish

New convenient network representation

Unlimited depth

Tree view is infinite to the right side of browser window. You can scroll the view horizontally using mouse drag.


PARATAX is the percentage by which paramining decreases as Prizm approaches the maximum emission.

Will be engaged at height 571800

1.5. Fresh and light PrizmCore Web Interface Restyling


Stylish and smooth


Responsive and interactive

Reworked for better fit to users’ needs

Added handy “Copy” buttons to block ids, account ids, transactions ids etc.

Fixed tiny bugs

Some fonts replaced

1.6. Compact tables representation

Now PrizmCore Web Interface uses compact tables style

Better fit to smaller screen resolutions

Much cleaner interface

Only really required data on your screen

You can switch Compact mode back to Full mode on the Settings page.

2. Smaller things

2.1 Fixed distracting but harmless “NullPointerException” at node start (happened to some users)

2.2 Fixed node stuck during rollback

2.3 Decreased future blockchain size

2.4 Fixed extremely rare paramining calculation bug

2.5 Increased logging informativity

2.6 Fixed Lucene index bug

2.7 Fixed block events


How to update:

Delete old PrizmCore

Install new PrizmCore

Delete blockchain

Start PrizmCore

If your old blockchain height is lower then 546500 - you can try to start new PrizmCore 1.9.20 without erasing blockchain. PrizmCore 1.9.20 will update blockchain to the new version.

  • 16 Agustus 2019 19.44.00 MSK