Humanity and the Earth are held hostage to the political and financial system. This system protects the interests of the financial elite and extremely unfair to nature and to the common man. This system is based on the colonization and subsequent exploitation of all available resources for it: minerals, people, government, knowledge and technology. Namely, global capital confronts nations and religions with each other, stoke controversy between people and societies.


Over the past few centuries, the combined financial capital took under control of all the world’s stocks of resources, the global financial system, most governments, mass media, food products, medicine and education. Several hundred of the richest families of the planet and their corporations directly control all key spheres of life of the modern world.


Money, as a form of payment, went through many stages. First there was a barter, then stone coins. For a long time, along with silver and gold, there were bills and loan notes. But medieval jewelers were the first who invented how to make money out of thin air, namely out of nothing.


Fraudulent principle of "fractional reserve" 9 to 1 was enshrined in legislation. From 1694 the Bank of England allowed to issue paper money for the first time, the amount of which exceeds in 9 times the amount of gold hold in safes of this bank. How does this rule work? It’s very simple. If someone has brought $ 1000 in a bank to open a deposit account, the bank, with $ 1,000 can legally give credit to anyone of $ 10,000 on the basis of the rule of “fractional reserve”. But let’s get back to history.


The Bank of England became the first serious state-level swindler in 1694. The bank was private, the state gave it only the name and the right to issue money. The King of England was in great need of money for the war with France and agreed to provide such name to the group of bankers in exchange for credits. Bankers were very well aware that the power over money promises them unlimited opportunities. And for a couple of centuries, the British Empire became the leading world power, due to the relentless colonization of other peoples and continents.It was only in 1913 that the heir appeared which exceeded the Bank of England in the scope and range of activities – the U.S. Fed.By the way, it is also a private enterprise of a group of bankers. Like the Bank of England, it has nothing to do with the state.


The possibility to print money freely is a dream of any financier, since if he needs to buy something, he can simply print a necessary amount of money and pay with it for anything. The most attractive and promising industries and territories should be seized, until it is done by someone else. The U.S. Fed was doing just that, ruining and buying competitors, bribing politicians and entire governments so that to consolidate its position. In order to protect its position, the Fed created the biggest army in the world, so that others would not even try to ask too many questions.


What makes a competent entrepreneur if he gets extra money? They expand their business. So did bankers. For extra money not to lie, one can lend it. And what if no one wants to borrow money, if states develop through their own efforts? One should play off countries against one another and make them wage war. So bankers kill two birds with one stone – sell arms to both sides, and then – give credits for rebuilding the countries.The First and Second World Wars were arranged according to such scenario.


But there was a small detail which alloyed bankers` joy of the issue of money. We all remember that receipts or money had gold equivalent and at any time could be exchanged for gold on demand. What if bankers had printed money 1000 times more money than they had gold available? But bankers are obliged by law to make such exchange. If all owners of money come at the same time and require exchange of money for gold, their system will collapse in a moment. They decide to change the law and make it through President Nixon, who once told the world that the USA took back its words and would no longer exchange dollars for gold. Now nothing prevented bankers from issuing as much paper as they needed. It is paper, as the dollar actually ceased to be money due to the decision of President Nixon.


Thus, we already know that wars and crises are a disaster for ordinary people and just tools for a bunch of bankers to achieve their greedy purposes. But how do they put their plans into practice today? For that they just control energy, food, health care, education, science and the media.


The dependence of mankind on oil, coal and gas guarantees corporations excess profits. The group of oil companies led by BP, Chevron, ExxonMobil and Royal Dutch Shell control more than 80% of oil reserves.Do you think they need cars that do not use petrol as a fuel? Therefore, they allocate a lot of money to hinder the development of alternative energy. They do not want us to get rid of oil addiction since it is a direct threat to power and riches of the all-powerful corporations. If new energy technologies will be used freely around the world, there will be a revolutionary change, and bankers will lose their profits and influence. So they are willing to do everything to suppress anything that might threaten their monopoly. Oil and the dollar is guarantee of their power today.


Not only fuel and various derivatives, but also fertilizers for agriculture are made from oil. The use of herbicides allows to control food production. Agriculture based on oil has provided huge revenues for oil industry, but has not fulfilled promises to end hunger and improve health. And if we remember that the giant agro-industrial corporations are owned by the same bankers, we will understand why governments pay billions of dollars as subsidies to this agricultural giants at the expense of ordinary taxpayers . They also support their enterprises, at the same time ruining ordinary farmers who cannot compete with the money bags. Toxic chemicals poison people and wildlife, pollute ground, water and produce harmful food that poses a serious threat to our health.


Monsanto, DuPont, Cargill, ADM and Glencore are global agricultural players. They produce GMO products that lead to irreversible changes in the human body. It is a time bomb. What happens to the human body that consumes such products? Eating these products, we kill the body’s immune system and greatly increase risk of cancer. In addition, the use of GMO products leads to reproductive disorders in the human body, i.e. to sterility.


Not only do corporations kill us with their food, but they ruin the farmers who produce organic products. An ordinary farmer unable to compete with a huge corporation in the end has to buy seeds from the agricultural giants. Do you think he will be offered environmentally friendly seeds? No! The farmer is in for an unpleasant surprise: not only would they offer him only GMO seeds, but these seeds would be one-time. Scientists have derived the so-called terminator seeds that do not sprout repeatedly. These seeds are sterile, the farmer would not be able to harvest or sow the field with harvested seeds again – they would not come up. He would have to buy seeds every year. This is food colonization.


So, two key areas: energy and food, are controlled by the same elite banking families and their corporations. The consequences of this are destructive today, wars for oil are being waged, and GM is confidently winning the planet. But that’s not all problems.


What do you think happens to our medicine? Medicine is also under control of bankers and their corporations. The health system is designed in such a way that medical education is mainly funded by a network of global pharmaceutical companies. Therefore, they have a motive to produce and sell as much medicine as possible. This is a very effective and quick way to earn money for doctors themselves when they prescribe the medicine of firms which paid for their education. And doctors will get the interest from the companies for selling you this drug. Medicine doesn`t cure diseases anymore but only relieves symptoms. Our health is not beneficial for medical corporations, they need us to buy drugs again and again.


Pharmaceutical giants such as Novartis, Pfizer, Roche, Sanofi and several others conduct a lot of various studies. But in addition to ordinary scientific activity, they never admit that in order to ensure their future income, they develop new diseases against which they will later offer medicine of their own production. In their laboratories, they create future problems so that to offer us a solution afterward. Certainly, at our expense. They will never say they carry out experiments on people.They will never admit that they sterilize population and infect it with unknown diseases.They will never tell us that military companies which of course also belong to bankers, order them the development of deadly viruses for their subsequent use as biological weapons.Thus, having fallen under the wing of bankers` groups, medicine has ceased to serve for the benefit of people and has become a real weapon againsthumanity.


Science and education also came under control of corporations. But what do bankers and their corporations need from schools? They want obedient and docile labor force that is easily manipulated. The school aims to form a habit to follow the authorities. So we spend more than ten years at school. We are taught to reflexively react when someone who has power, says what to do.


It is also important to bankers that we should not be smart. It is much more difficult to control a man who has a critical view of things and events, who can think logically than a common plodder. Therefore, we see decline in the quality of universal education, they really do not want us to be able to think. They want to turn us into natives who would only actively consume their products. And they will think for us. They want to make people be like mere cattle.


Global bankers subordinated science to themselves as well. They cut funding of the development of any areas that are not able to bring them profits in the future. And they forbade the development of technologies that can make material benefits accessible to all. With their practically unlimited capital, bankers will do everything possible and impossible so that new scientific discoveries related to fundamentally different types of fuel, energy and materials, threatening the very basis of their corporations, would never see the light.


Life for most people on the planet does not lie in prosperity, but in the survival. We became slaves of the financial elite imperceptibly. They arranged a system by which people are exploited. Most work on today to pay bank loans, that is to pay a luxury life of bankers, amusing themselves with usurious interest.


Management is built on the principle of pyramid. Ordinary people live at the lowest level, we are a biomass for the elite. The governments are above, who collect taxes and control us by means of a monopoly power, whether we want it or not. At the next level of the pyramid are the corporations that actually govern the world – corporatocracy. At the next level are the big banks, the financial elite, who control the corporation. The top of this system are 300 the richest and most influential families and clans.


One of the goals of the secret world government is to create a society of “golden billion”. This “golden billion” includes 24 countries – representatives of “most worthy and developed” nations. The role of service staff and minerals extraction assigned to 900 million of this billion. The rest of the population (over 5 billion), ranked among the “unnecessary” and will be destroyed systematically with the help of alcohol, drugs, viruses, wars and revolutions.


Money and power are always striving for unity. They understand that in the unity is the power. But they never tell about it to us. They teach the principle of “divide and rule ”for us in relation to anything that interferes with their plans. The problems we face today is the result of our inaction. Waiting and see, we allow others to define what our future will be and future of our descendants.

You can play a role in the formation of tomorrow, asking yourself the question: “what kind of world I want to live in?”The future does not come by itself. It comes through the united efforts of many people.


As one union we can do a lot, we can change the world together!