Resource-based Economy


Today, overpopulation, lack of energy, pollution, water shortages, economic catastrophe, the spread of uncontrollable diseases, terrorism and military conflicts threaten all of us. People suffered increased incidents of common threats that go beyond the boundaries of one state.


Our present system is not capable to provide a high standard of living to everyone and to guarantee environment protection as its main driving force is the profit. And global bankers continue to ruin our planet for the sake of a profit.


In addition, the modern monetary system has a number of negative socio-economic characteristics. Money that is no longer a mechanism for achieving the goals has become an end in itself, replacing a whole motivation process. Money deprived all other goals of their intrinsic value and significance. Money discovers a peculiarity to alienate social and cultural motivation paralyzing, thus, the will of man.


The economy of industrially developed countries exists ‘on credit’, disregarding enormous wear of resource capacity of our planet.The economy of industrially developed countries there is a “credit” is not given the huge resource potential deterioration of our planet. One of the factors is the system of mass consumption of consumer credit, which received the green light from US President Ronald Reagan.


Eventually the mankind faced contradictions of constantly increasing requirements and inability of the biosphere to provide them, without collapsing. In the 70th of the last century the requirements of mankind began to exceed possibilities of the planet on renewal of resources. Now, according to ecologists, Earth needs 1,5 years on reproduction of what the mankind consumes per year. Also in connection with the increasing population deficiency of other resources, that provides the activity of mankind, grows: food and fresh water.This puts humanity directly before the fact of a global environmental catastrophe in the further socio-economic development.


Modern socio-economic structure is similar to an airplane flying in the middle of the ocean, which is about to end fuel. And only the financial elites have a parachute. What about ordinary people? We need our own parachute, it is called CWT.


CWT is the movement of adherents towards a new social and economic model of society, in which the rights of the simple person are not simply declared on paper, but also are implemented.


We present a vision of the future from the perspective of how it can be if we use all the available for us knowledge and technology to achieve a new sustainable global civilization. We suggest finding a new “path of development” of humanity. We call for a targeted approach for the reconstruction of the social culture in which the age-old problems of war, poverty, hunger, as well as debt, the environment and unreasonable human suffering considered not only as solvable, but as a completely unacceptable.


CWT movement offers to work towards becoming a global resource-based economy in which we operate is not so much with money but with many available resources to create the most fair and efficient means of distribution. People need not only money, but easy access to everything they need for life.


The term “resource-based economics” refers to such an economy a growth factor of which consists of the use of any resources. Options to improve the efficiency of an economy are possible through the technological development, including technologies of these resources’ management. The term “resource-based economy” is widespread due to the popularization of the work of Jacques Fresco in the framework of the “Venus Project”.


Jacque Fresco wrote in his books: "With our technology we could eliminate most social problems. Is the modern technology incapable to produce the required amount of food, clothing, shelter, and other material benefits for everyone if you use them wisely? What prevents us to achieve this? Technologyrushes forward, but our society is still firmly holding on to the concepts and techniques invented many centuries ago."


He said it is very true. Today we already have the access to advanced technology, through which it is possible to provide free access to food, clothing, housing, medical care to all inhabitants of the planet. It is possible to improve the education system, as well as to produce the unlimited, on a human scale, amount of energy that would create favourable conditions for the effective development of the social model of a new type, in which money, as a kind of calculation, will not make sense.


The fact that consumption will lead humanity into a dead end became clear for the first time in the 70-ies on the background of the energy and economic crisis. In the 80s people were already talking openly about the new “world model” the main provisions of which are as follows:


– Rejection of any kind of “pseudo-requirements” starting with the arms and ending with drugs, including alcohol and nicotine, as well as luxury goods, trinkets and fashion excesses, which are imposed by advertising. Principle refusal of “disposable things” as excessively expensive in the ecological relation.


– A course on de urbanization, on construction of settlements consisting of small houses. Distribution of cabbage-patches by means of which the city dwellers could diversify the table with natural products.Universal transition to a moderate balanced diet.


– Elimination of chemicals used in agriculture, the deployment of biological methods of plants and animals’ protection. Transition to the technology of washing and cleaning excluding chemicals.


– “Optimization” of world fuel and energy balance by increasing the proportion of “clean” energy sources in it, namely solar, hydraulic, wind, geo- and hydrothermal power and other plants. All told above it will allow being satisfied only with such power sources.


– Expansion of people’s participation in solving of social (including global) problems with switching to the course of public life. Reorientation of forms of public consciousness in seven key directions: outlook, science, art, morals, right, psychology and religion.

– Cult of personality’s development, cult of human health and the cult of nature, on what the main efforts of the community are directed.

– The widespread increase of the time spent on communicating of parents with children in the structure of leisure. The desire to make the family and community leisure,as well as youth education, more meaningful.


So what on tasks does the International Movement CWT focus on? There are a lot, but I will highlight the main directions:

– The transition from a monetary-based economy to a resource-based economy. Optimization and improvement of the global financial system.

– Elimination of all kinds of manifestations of ethnic hatred, any kind of extremism, Nazism and other inhumane directions. Eliminating of social differences between people.

– Increase of education level of the population. Encouragement of creative potential and the creative beginning in the person in all its manifestations.Intellectual and emotional training of people for the forthcoming changes.

– Interchange and advance of the latest technologies and their use for the benefit of all people. Development and worldwide use of pure renewables.

– Promotion of the ecological, technological and economic projects promoting restoration of environment and rational use of natural resources.

The monetary system, as well as economics, should be reformed. Although such reforms should be fast, but steady and progressive at the same time. For example, one of the steps toward reforming could be a cancellation in the banking system of the fractional reserve and the lending rate.


The purpose of new social model is the activation of incentives which are not aimed at realization of such limited and selfish purposes as wealth, property and power. Transition to the resource-focused economy will change system of our values massively. Having eliminated conditions which generate envy, greed, rivalry, our life will become much more meaningful. New incentives will induce people to self-realization and creativity. The measure of success will serve as the implementation of their own aspirations. In such circumstances, people will live longer, their life will be brighter, richer and more fulfilling.


If we truly care about the environment and humanity, we must review the social and economic processes that are responsible for most of our problems. With a reasonable and humane application of science and technology, the people of Earth will be able to determine the course of future development, while protecting the environment collectively.


Today our problems are huge and global, both on their scale and impact. They cannot be solved alone. For the implementation of these plans it is vital for us to work together to advance the interests of ordinary people. Only by means of joint efforts we will correct the mistakes of the past and provide a healthy and efficient environment for our children and descendants.

If we unite, we can do a lot together, we will change the world!