Goals and Objectives

The objectives of the Organization are:

The first direction. Maintaining and strengthening international peace and security, the development of cooperation between the states. Removing all kinds of manifestations of ethnic hatred, any kind of extremism, Nazism and other inhumane ways. Addressing societal differences among people, including by increasing the level of education of the population. Encouraging creativity and the creative principle in man in all its manifestations. Intellectual and emotional preparation of people for the upcoming changes.

The second direction. Development, promotion and implementation of economic ideas and solutions aimed at improving the economic interaction between people, organizations and states. Facilitating the transition from a monetary-oriented to a resource-based economy.

The third direction. The interchange and promotion of new technologies and use them for the benefit of all peoples. Development and use of worldwide clean renewable energy sources. Promotion of environmental, technological and economic projects that contribute to the restoration of the environment and rational use of natural resources. Promoting environmental reconstruction of infrastructure, transportation systems, agricultural and industrial enterprises in energy-saving, environmentally friendly system that can meet the needs of all people.

The fourth direction. The implementation and protection of rights and freedoms, social satisfaction, in particular economic, social, cultural and other interests of the parties in the implementation of their economic and personal rights and freedoms associated with open technology “blokcheyn” and other similar crypto-project. Optimization and improvement of the global financial system.


For achievement of the statutory goals the Organization in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation realizes such tasks:

Freely distribute information about the goals of Organization and its work by any legal mean. Prepare, publish and distribute information materials and publishing products. Get in the manner specified by law public information which is owned by the subjects of state authorities, other managers of public information.

Contribute to the organization, participate in and organize conferences, festivals, seminars, congresses, round tables, press conferences, forums, meetings, public hearings, training (educational courses), schools, lectures, symposia, congresses and other public events directed to achieving the objectives of Organization. Send representatives of the organization for education, participation in the exchanges as well as for establishing of cooperation and implementation of the Organization projects or for other purpose for the implementation of the Organization statutory goals. Cooperate and maintain direct contacts with domestic and foreign public organizations, legal entities of private and public law, physical persons to attract experience.

Organize and implement marketing, sociological and other researches to determine the persons’ interest condition in the goals of Organization. Develop programs of developments implementation and Organization products in legal entities activity of private and public law, physical persons. Consult physical persons and legal entities concerning use of Organization developments and products.

Participate in the procedure defined by law in the development of legal acts which are issued by public authorities, local authorities and concern the sphere of Organization and important issues of the state and public life. Participate in the procedure defined by law in the work of consultative, advisory and other subsidiary bodies which are created by public authorities, local government bodies for consultation with public associations and making recommendations on issues relating to the sphere of their activities.

Provide methodological, consultative, expert and informational support to the public authorities, public organizations, charitable foundations, members of the organization.Participate in the implementation of state regulatory policy in accordance with the legislation. Takeinitiativesonvariousissuesofpubliclife. Apply in accordance with the procedure approved by the law to public authorities, local governments, their officials and officers with suggestions (comments) application (petition), complaints.

Оrganize office, represent and protect the rights and interests of certain physical persons and entities and organizations in courts, other state authorities and local self-government in accordance with legislation, provide other forms of assistance.

Carry out other rights not prohibited by the legislation of the RF and other activity not provided by this statute which is necessary to achieve the goals of Organization.