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Concept of “United Europe” fails

According to the president of Eurasia Group consulting firm Ian Bremmer, the European people’s support for the European Union is significantly faltering, and the very idea of “United Europe” is literally failing now before our eyes.

The expert noted that successive electoral defeats of candidates of acting government and failure to support pro-government initiatives (in case of a referendum in Italy) mean serious problems for those few politicians (in particular, for Angela Merkel), which may still retain their authority in the future.
The support for Pan-European integration is significantly faltering and the idea of “United Europe” loses it relish for a growing portion of European citizen. Bremmertold about it in his interview with “Bloomberg”.

“In my opinion, parallels between the British and Italian referendums, which passed this year, are quite obvious. Matteo Renzi had put himself in a situation, where he had to leave eventually. Former British Prime Minister David Cameron did the same thing. Renzi approached the issue believing that he was able to implement proposed reforms, but things went differently. And now, we are back to the fact that the establishment failed again.
I would note that this situation bear serious risks for German Chancellor Angela Merkel. We see that the transatlantic partnership of the United States and Europe is experiencing not the best period in its history, a number of recent elections and referendums in various countries showed a rise of anti-globalization sentiment. Most likely, Merkel will be able to secure re-election for another term as German Chancellor. But she will have limited facilities as a European leader, who is trying to continue the European integration.
There is no reason to believe that populism is losing momentum in Europe. For example, both candidates of the establishment did not gain voters’ support in the last presidential elections in Australia. The same factors as searching for independent and national development path of the country, concerns about migrants and refugees and socio-economic stratification still remain in force.
I would note that the population of such key countries of Europe as France and Italy ‘moderately supports’ the common currency and the European Union, but a number of supporters of Pan-European projects has been steadily decreasing. People are less aware of what they support by supporting these projects. United Europe as a concept is falling apart at the moment. The whole thing was not about introduction of a single currency, but about common values, uniting countries, creation of supranational structures and emergence of a loyalty to new authorities in Europe, which are above authorities of individual countries. This mechanism is obviously breaking now.”


  • December 23, 2016 12:18 PM MSK