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Many thousand strong protest movements of CWT activists to take place near US Embassy in Russia, Ukraine, India and other

On Friday, December 23, in Moscow, Kiev, Bombay and other cities near the US Embassy buildings protest rallies of activists of Change the World Together (CWT), the International Public Movement, will be held.

The protesters will make a categorical condemnation of the criminal predatory actions of the Federal Reserve System, as well as express their support for the newly elected President of America Donald Trump.

According to the organizers, the event was timed to coincide with the 103rd anniversary of creating the US Federal Reserve. "On this day in 1913, the Federal Reserve System was created in the United States. In fact, it is a well-developed private financial system, for which there are major banks and global corporations that control all public financial processes in America and abroad. It is FRS that makes the world depend on the US dollar," Chairman of the Board of Change the World Together Aleksey Muratov noted.


He also noted that currently, FRS’ activity involves the creation of ‘bubbles,’ one of which in the area of mortgage lending led to the international financial crisis, including the fact that many countries are still feeling its effects on their economies. “The liquidity and stability of the US dollar so far is provided by the existence of such ‘bubbles’. We are going to break these criminal schemes and free the world from the US currency through the widespread transition to cryptocurrency,” Aleksey Muratov said.

According to him, thousands of Change the World Together's activists will come to a rally against FRS. CWT movement already has thousands of supporters on every continent. Our organizations are created not only in Russia but also in India, Indonesia and other countries. Moreover, the new Рresident of the USA Donald Trump is also a supporter of our movement. In his speeches, Donald Trump has repeatedly spoken about the criminal activities of global corporations, political elites, which, acting solely in their own selfish purposes, destroy the economy of the country and do not care about the welfare of the common people. "I am sure that this Trump's sincere desire to improve the lives of American citizens allowed him to beat in the election a fairly strong candidate Hillary Clinton,” Muratov emphasized.

As a result of rallies, the participants are going to make a resolution with their basic requirements and submit them to the US Embassies.

FAQ: International Public Movement Change the World Together ( is officially registered by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation in August 2016. The basic direction - realization of economic ideas and solutions that will help people, government and organizations to communicate with each other better.

Источник: CWT News

  • December 18, 2016 1:54 PM MSK