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Hundreds of people in India become supporters of Change the World Together every day

The regular conference of regional leaders of the International Public Movement Change the World Together (CWT) took place on December 11-12 in the capital of India - New Delhi.

Also conferences of CWT participants were held in other cities: on December 8 in Mumbai, on December 10 in Nasik.

As Chairman of the Board of CWT Aleksey Muratov noted, almost daily working meetings of Change the World Together activists take place in different regions and cities of India. "CWT movement found wide support in India. Almost every day in different cities our leaders hold conferences at which are present from 100 to 200 of our followers. Thanks to interactivity and use of new technologies, our activists can listen to the audio version of my book, "CWT Ideology" in Hindi or English, and then, as a rule, there is an active discussion," Aleksey Muratov said.

According to Chairman of the Board of movement, the currency reform partly contributes to CWT promotion and its popularization in India which is held in the country now. "After the ban of cash and banknotes circulation of 500 and 1,000 rupees, we have seen the growth of Bitcoin trading volumes in India. Moreover, in the near future the government of this country is going to consider the issue of banning the import of gold. In this case, the only reasonable way to protect assets with high liquidity and a stable exchange rate is cryptocurrency operations," Aleksey Muratov stressed.

He also drew attention to the fact that gradually moving to financial technologies becomes the guarantor of monetary transactions security. That is why new followers enter to the ranks of movement Change the World Together every day. "The uniqueness of our movement is that we do not depend on the world's governments or corporations. Change the World Together unites people from different countries, of different nationalities, different mentality and social status for the sake of one idea - to make the world better. We will achieve this goal together!" Aleksey Muratov summed up.

Source: CWT News

  • December 13, 2016 5:24 PM MSK