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Facebook will automatically filter content

The world-famous social network Facebook is testing a system with elements of artificial intelligence to automatically detect and block unwanted information.

In particular, false messages and videos that promote violence and extremism.

The news that the world's largest media spread, immediately became the excuse for many users and experts to blame the leadership of the social network and Mark Zuckerberg personally, Facebook founder, for an attempt to introduce censorship, which may ‘infect’ other social networks in the future.

What really is behind the launch of the new instrument?

It is assumed that first of all ready software will be tested in China. For other countries, the plans for the use of such tool are not yet voiced.

"What Mark Zuckerberg makes is, as they say, is not personal, it's just business", - says the expert in the field of Internet, an analyst of CC "Finam" Leonid Delitsyn. According to him, the social network needs the content filtering system in order to enter China. "This is a huge reserve of the audience, but there Facebook is now banned," reminds the conversation partner of “Rossiyskaya Gazeta.” However, Zuckerberg has the assumption that, by providing the Chinese authorities with a content filtering tool (it is assumed that a third party - a kind of a censor in the face of Chinese analogue of our Ministry of Communications and Mass Media will have access to the system, if it will be delegated the appropriate authority), he will overcome a limitation. This, in turn, will open a new resource for the development of the company."

It is not known yet how the system would work exactly. Although there are not so many options, says Delitsyn. Unwanted content will either be blocked by certain settings or its priority will simply be reduced so that potentially dangerous or harmful information will not fall into the field of view of the audience.

Facebook and now, by the way, shows its users not all the information, but only one that could potentially be of interest to us. However, before its founder had not been accused of that the social network is ready to depart from the declared principle of "making the world more open."

According to the media, even some developers who have worked in the company, and now announced their departure from it, were not agree with the new Facebook plans.

"In principle, the system which Facebook is going to implement can be called censorship, but it is, if you remember the history, has always been there. It is not something humanity does not know how to live with," thinks Leonid Delitsyn, "On the other hand, normal adequate people anyway are well aware that some things should not be distributed on the Internet."

We recall that particularly acute this question arose after it was reported that in one of social networks groups, the organizers of which have declined teens to suicide, were created. The story came to light recently, the groups were liquidated, but where is the guarantee that such a course will not appear again.

"Social networks themselves, having a great impact on the audience, must take into account this point," says Delitsyn. "But it costs money. And considerable money, if we talk about moderation and pre-moderation (content management method, in which only a narrow circle of moderators initially see the users' messages, and then they decide whether they publish them in open access or not – Ed.). It is a big question whether social networks will be willing to sacrifice part of the profits by introducing such tools."

Source: news.rambler

  • December 8, 2016 5:27 PM MSK