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Where new unsold cars go. Nervous motorists do not watch!

You will not believe your eyes when you see what manufacturers do with unsold cars.

An era of overproduction of cars began in 2009. Manufacturers started to produce a lot more products than necessary. A lot of unnecessary goods had remained and market demanded production of new types of cars.

Thousands and millions of cars are left at the mercy of fate. These are real auto graveyards, where iron is slowly turning into dust.

There are people who have nothing to eat and drink in one part of the world and rusting useless cars worth billions of dollars in the other part of the world. The things manufactures have to do to make people thirsty for shopping and, correspondingly, raise sales level.

This photo was taken in Port Sheerness, Kent, England. But there are many places like this around the world. Shining, beautiful, new and, at the same time, rusting and unnecessary.


Here is one of them.

And this picture was taken in Baltimore, Maryland, USA

More than 57.000 unpurchased cars have found their final resting place.

These cars should be put somewhere to make space for new car models. In this situation, such parking lots help to deal with it.

Overproduction is a problem that affects bot only the US but the entire world.

For instance, these cars are left standing under the blazing sun of Spain.

And this is Russia, St. Petersburg.

These cars have been imported, but it did not save them from a similar fate.

There is a tendency to reduce the number of purchases and desire to use purchased for a longer time in the world.

This photo shows an auto graveyard in Avonmouth, United Kingdom. Every gray segment is a cluster of unsold cars.

Another parking of unsaleable cars in Corby, United Kingdom.

And this is a port of Civitavecchia, Italy.

A car wasted in Valencia, Spain.

Many cars stand like this for several years.

 Eventually, oil sinks to an oil cell bottom in an abandoned car and corrosion eats away all internal parts of engine.

It is unfortunate that these cars have such fate. Surely, it would be more useful to process them, to sell at a lower price or to give to those who really need them.

But there is a purely monetary value than universal ones in this matter.


  • December 6, 2016 5:41 PM MSK