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EY Switzerland be first auditing company receiving Bitcoin

Swiss department of audit and consulting company EY (formerly Ernst & Young) announced the beginning of the reception Bitcoin as payment for their services.

As stated by representatives of the EY, this decision is part of a strategy to introduce digital products based on smart contracts.

Press release of the company informs that the payment of services using Bitcoins will be available since January 2017. In addition, Bitcoin-ATM available for both employees and for everyone else will be installed in EY Switzerland head office. Also, all employees will receive corporate cryptocurrency wallets linked to their smartphones.

"We do not want to just talk about the digital world, but also actively implement these processes, both among our customers and among employees. Blockchain, smart contracts and cryptocurrency can revolutionize the world of business, and we must be ready for it. Blockchain technology is developing very quickly and is changing many sectors of the economy. In addition, Switzerland is actively developing to become not only the financial and business, but also a digital center, and it is important for us to be pioneers in this field," CEO EY Switzerland Marcel Shtalder says.

We recall that at the beginning of the month BitFury Group announced a partnership with the consulting firm Ernst & Young. As part of the agreement BitFury Group will act as a supplier of software for EY and its customer network.


  • November 28, 2016 2:57 PM MSK