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Doomsday bunker worth $300 million built in Texas

A group of investors took on the implementation of “protected community” concept. Because people do not want to immure themselves in personal bunkers in case of end of the world, they want to settle with other people.

Убежище судного дня

 They want to settle not so much in a protected shelter as in a luxury condominium without losing influence on the outside world and also to abstract themselves from its problems.

 You can hide here from different problems such as explosion of dirty bombs by terrorists, civil commotions and mayhem, boisterous weather, hostilities, but except of the destruction of the continent. The bunker, which is located near Dallas, is called Trident Lakes and it will cost the developer $300 million. Apartment in this bunker will cost millions of dollars.

Trident Lakes

90% of the bunker will be under ground, but a lake with sandy beaches, golf courses, equestrian center, helipad and a park will be on the surface. In addition, there will be a 12-meter wall with automatic turrets and watchtowers. It will have its own sources of water, clean air and energy, but the technology is kept secret. It will be able to adapt to specific situations.

The “protected community’s” zest, attempting to realize the idea of “family stability”, is a special DNA bank, which will contain DNAs of all 1600 residents. If necessary, it will possible to replicate a deceased person, so the community could retain its structure. According to the author of the project, t technology of the near future will ensure safety of well-known and distinguished people.


  • November 23, 2016 5:29 PM MSK