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Revolutionary internal combustion engine

An Aquarius Engines company has created a revolutionary internal combustion engine that has a double efficiency and it costs only $100

Двигатель Aquarius Engines на стенде

The Israeli company Aquarius Engines has completed development of a power system for hybrid vehicles that consists a power generator combined with a completely new design of the internal combustion engine. Currently, this engine has the highest horsepower-to-weight ratio, light weight, and its design has only one moving part, which makes its construction simple and its cost low.
The Aquarius Engines company has already acquired a patent for designing the engine and they are negotiating bow with the Peugeot Company on acquisition of license for production of the engines, which, according to preliminary estimates, will cost 92 euros (100 dollars). High efficiency and light weight of the new engine will allow hybrid vehicles to travel a distance of 1600 kilometers on one tank of fuel, which is two times more than capabilities of existing cars.
The engine consists of only 20 parts and assemblies, and the moving part is a piston that moves in a horizontal plane. Engines tests, carried out by the German machine manufacturing company FEV, showed that its efficiency is twice the efficiency of existing internal combustion engines.

Двигатель Aquarius Engines
Unfortunately, the imminent appearance of Aquarius Engines’ engine system in hybrid cars is not expected. ʺAutomobile companies need on average from seven to ten years to introduce new technologies into mass production. Therefore, the Peugeot Company will need to strain itself to catch up and to compete with Tesla, BYD, Nissan and other companies that have gone far ahead in the production of electric cars,ʺ Franco Gonzalez said.
This technology, besides automobiles, can be used to create more powerful mobile electric generators in other fields, where the use of ultra-efficient, simple and inexpensive lightweight internal combustion engine is required.
  • November 18, 2016 4:26 PM MSK