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Nextury Ventures: Рынок электронной коммерции отчаянно нуждается в криптовалютах

Cryptocurrencies are vital for e-commerce market that will immediately swallow them when the time will be right.

Such opinion in an interview to expressed a head of the Lithuanian venture capital fund Nextury Ventures Ilya Laurs.

ʺThe market desperately needs them [cryptocurrency - ForkLog] and instantly swallows them when the time will be right. Because of credit cards and bank payments as well as money - are incompatible with the virtual economy, none of these instruments meet its requirements. This is nonsense, in the twenty-first century, to buy a button you have to fill in a form more complex than for a right. In it, you should point your address, phone number, credit card number, to whom it is registered, and so on,ʺ Ilya Laurs said.

At the same time, he noted an inadequate level of fraud, errors and risks.

ʺThe number of e-commerce fraud - using other people's credit cards - rolls. Inconveniently, cumbersome, unreliable and main - a lot of theft. It is in this segment, where, apparently, the banks could try betterʺ.

ʺTherefore, online commerce and virtual payments are begging: ʺGive us a convenient, reliable and easy tool to useʺ. I am not talking about the fact that the latest advances in the field of virtual commerce require not even micropayments but nanopayments. When you buy not just a button, and the item for the digital coat for your avatar you buy in some second universe. The cost of payment in physical money could be a third of a cent, and for it to run the whole mechanism of credit – cumbersomeʺ.

According to Laursen, dialogue with representatives of the gaming industry led him to the realization that because of the heaviness payment instruments missed up to 90% of profits.

ʺThey could earn ten times more if the system were cool and comfortable. This is a class of financial transactions: micro, nanopayments, normal payments, reliable for the entire e-commerce. This is a huge marketʺ.

Speaking about further development of Bitcoin, Ilya Laurs said that the development of cryptocurrencies depends on the position of the state.

ʺNow this question is in the "gray zone". The traditional response of regulators to the gray zone - they will not understand what and how just close. And after, money - it is a space in which the presumption of innocence does not apply, either you act in such a way as permitted by, or step aside is taken as an escapeʺ.

For this reason, he stresses, it is one of the main parts of Nextury Ventures - a kind of evangelism, working with government agencies in Lithuania: the Central Bank, Ministry of Finance, at the level of the Town Council and the Ministry of Economy.

ʺWe tell what cryptocurrency is and how it works, what the potential risks or, conversely, benefits it brings. Now we probably more than half the time spend, clarifying, adjusting and doing such projects with the state. It is necessary to represent what laws apply in this area, what actions we should commit that the business to be legitimate and transparentʺ.

It should be reminded that in spring of 2016 Nextury Ventures, with the support of Vilnius Municipality organized a major Bitcoin conference, which gathered a large number of businessmen, investors, experts and startups from around the world. And recall Bitcoin is under a regular attack on the background of growth rate.


  • November 15, 2016 11:29 AM MSK