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Railway ticket machines in Switzerland will soon sell Bitcoin

From November 11, cryptocurrency, amounting from 20 to 500 Swiss francs, will be available to buy at railway ticket offices.

 To use this service, you need to have a valid Swiss phone number and Bitcoin e-wallet with a QR-code reader. According to the representatives of the SBB railway company, the local startup Sweepay will be the operator. It is planned to estimate a demand for Bitcoin within next two years.

ʺThere have been few possibilities to obtain Bitcoins in Switzerland until now,ʺ the railway company reported. ʺSBB has over a thousand of ticket machines, broad sales network, which is available round the clock and suitable for more than just buying tickets, but also additional services,ʺ the report said.

However, buying tickets with Bitcoins is not yet available. It also reported that there was a one-year limit for bitcoin purchase capped at 5 thousand francs.

Thus, there is a continuing trend of Bitcoin popularization and its accessibility in Switzerand that is home to Xapo, Ethernium and Shapeshift. It should be reminded that the experiment on paying for municipal services with Bitcoins has begun in the town of Zug in May. Under the first phase of the pilot programme, Bitcoin payments will be to 200 Swiss francs. Payments of public utilities over this level should be paid with fiat money.

If the results of the test stage are satisfactory, the city council will make a decision to permit the use of Bitcoins to pay for a wide range of municipal services on a regular basis and without any restrictions of payment amount. In addition, city authorities do not rule out a possibility to approve other cryptocurrency for payments.


  • November 14, 2016 4:30 PM MSK