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"The Third World" waits for Russia’s consolidation to bid farewell to US

The Duterte’s president position is the result of the Russia’s return on the global stage.

The President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte, speaking at the Manila airport before his flight to Tokyo, said that he considered curtailing of military cooperation with the United States as his goal.

He advised Washington "to forget" about the agreement signed in 2014 that presupposes using of the Philippines bases by the American army and noted that he waited a moment "when there would be no other troops in the country, except the Philippine ones".

The Philippines is one of the most important elements of the American security system in South-East Asia, which is aimed at containing of People's Republic of China and it is of particular importance in the context of growing conflict in the South China Sea.

In other words, it is extremely desirable for Washington’s aggressive policy toward China and Democratic People's Republic of Korea to use Philippine military bases and ports to deploy its radio reconnaissance and logistics teams.

We should also recall that before his nomination for post of president, Duterte rejected the American proposal to establish a military base for unmanned aerial vehicle for South-East Asia on the Davao Island, where he was a mayor.

Today, as we can see, the president, elected in May this year, continues to adhere to this decision. During his visit to Beijing, the head of Philippines said that it was high time to bid farewell to the US.

Also he said that the country was ready to extend military cooperation with Russia and China, in particular, to conduct military exercises and to buy weapons.

We note that Duterte, as a mayor of Davao, has a reputation for his principles, courage and determination.

For example, during his leadership, he completely destroyed the local drug mafia that ran the city. He was acting very strictly and effectively in this fight against mafia.

Against this background, the Western media tend to present Rodrigo Duterte as a populist and inadequate personality. However, his fight against drug mafia and that he managed to come out victorious that is the best demonstration of his adequacy.

As for the populism, Duterte is associated neither with oligarchy nor local aristocracy. He is an offspring of the common people, who have elected him and believed in him.

The Philippine leader’s anti-Americanism is quite clear and well-grounded. Any national leader, who strives for welfare and prosperity of the country, puts forward a policy considering national interests.

It is clear because no one else will take care of you better that you yourself. But, nowadays, a desire of countries to follow the way of realization of their goals will inevitably put them in a situation of conflict with the US.

Since Washington is firmly convinced that all countries around the world are obliged to follow its policy. Americans consider everyone, who has a different point of view, as an enemy and threat to world order.

However, the problem resides in the fact that the US has merely consumer’s attitude toward their satellites. It is not Russian or Chinese “soft power”, which is based on a balance of interests and mutually beneficial cooperation.

The maximum that America can sacrifice for the sake of ensuring loyalty of a state is doles to it. A country is robbed, involved into hostilities and unprofitable projects.

That is, the people of the country, whose leadership pursues pro-American policy, always end up losing.

However, not only common people lose, but also middle class and national business, in a word, everyone except oligarchs associated with transnational capital.

Policymakers bribed by the Americans often end up losing as well because they are nothing more than dispensable. This situation is maintained not only by corrupting national elites, but also by a direct coercion – armed force, information wars, organization of riots and revolutions, economic pressure and even terror.

It is worth noting that Islamist terrorism is one of the main problems of the Philippines now, and Duterte approved himself fighting against this evil. At the period when the Soviet Union left the global stage, the mentioned instruments were enough for the Americans.

Almost no one had enough capacity to resist the American policy of dictate. Yugoslavia and Iraq’s examples are more than eloquent.

All unwilling to sacrifice their own interests for the sake of American States declared exiles and mounted a scaffold.

Almost no one doubted that the destruction of Iraq and Democratic People's Republic of Korea, declared “axis of evil”, was just a matter of time: if the Iranians and North Koreans had not nuclear weapons, Americans would have finished them off sooner or later.

The world situation changed after returning of our country in the global policy, which began with the armed response to the aggressor in South Ossetia in August 2008.Our country’s regaining the status of a global center of power gave China a chance to defend its interests.

The US authorities ceased to be undivided and its actions – unpunished.

As a result, a growing number of countries put forth leaders that assert the priority of national interests.

And it is not only Rodrigo Duterte.

For example, the Austrian President Norbert Hofer and the Head of Hungary Viktor Orbán asserted the priority of national interests in their countries and the reluctance to limit international cooperation, including the cooperation with Russia.

As a consequence, the stronger Russia will be, the more countries will be able to return sovereignty and a chance to live their own lives.

So, the sooner and more obvious will be the failure of the project on turning the planet into a concentration camp, where the US plays a role of a cop.


  • November 11, 2016 4:10 PM MSK