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The funeral of mainstream, or how censorship emerged in West

We are present at the funeral of the Western mainstream. Russophobian attacks have acquired such a delusional to the point that now they produce the opposite effect. Instead of hatred they cause curiosity. Instead of contempt – admiration.

And since all of this is based mostly on attempts to discredit Putin's personality, it turns out that the growth of the international popularity of the Russian leader is transforming into a terrible defeat, Western journalism's auto-da-fé.

Western centers for monitoring of public opinion changes keep fixing signs of great dissatisfaction and concern. Invisible armies of thousands of western propagandists seem no longer able to produce enough toxins to poison European public opinion.

The information that comes from the ‘enemy side,’ it seems, has more credibility.

Despite the fact that Putin is openly called a murderer (and here is a repeatable list of his victims: Politkovskaya, Litvinenko, Nemtsov, the victims of Malaysian “Boeing” disaster, bombings of Aleppo, etc.), a corrupt official (for his alleged offshore bank accounts), an aggressive expansionist (for the ‘occupation’ of Ukraine and the ‘annexation’ of Crimea), a potential aggressor (for his intention to subdue the Baltic republics), it appears that western readers and viewers, random European man feels admiration towards him rather than rejection.


For example, for growing number of people it is obvious now that Russia has become a decisive factor in the defeat of the ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

This means that Russia helped Europe in the fight against international terrorism.

Therefore, Putin is a friend, not an enemy. ‘Customized’ Putin's murderers still remain in the minds of the readers / viewers, but for many people (and their number is growing) they became media invention which is not underpinned by any evidence, moreover, it barely reconciles with reality.

Tale of the constant aggression of Russia on the Baltic Sea and Poland not only fails to affects even a small part of the population of these countries, but it seems ridiculously idle for millions of Europeans.

In Europe, nobody wants anti-Russian sanctions, and many cannot explain to themselves why European leaders made this decision in spite of their own economic interests.

In general, the facts refute the prejudices. And then there is no other choice but to increase the dose of propaganda, up to the stage of Joe Biden's persecution mania, the US vice-president, who accused Russia on TV even of what it wants and can "significantly interfere" in the result of the presidential election.

This is an own goal, showing that America turned out to be the victim of technological aggression from Russia. The reliability of this charge tends to vanish (the more so because everyone knows that the accusation comes from the country that invented the ‘colour revolutions’ in dozens of countries).


All social networks are American, they all work in favour of the West, but now they spread contradictory information. There is RT. There are also independent minds in Europe. Hence the situation of informational and communicational monopoly has come to an end.

And now the mainstream is launching a new line of attack: ‘to block propaganda’ of the Kremlin given the fact that our propaganda is not working properly. Therefore, we must first strengthen thesis according to which everything that comes "from the other side" is propaganda.

The second point: to ban the activities of the enemy channels by providing technical, political, administrative, judicial and police for them challenges; by detaining enemy journalists (or killing them, as happened in the Ukraine); by closing RT's bank accounts in the UK; stopping radio and television, where the Kremlin heresy is broadcasted.

We are witnessing the introduction of censorship in the West, which used to be proud of its freedom of expression and pluralism.

The sides are reversed. Competition of ideas, even very tough, but necessary for the understanding of differences, was replaced by a ban. In the West, Orwellian “Ministry of Truth” takes effect, and if someone has not become part of it, he must be stopped, destroyed, suspended.

That this is the funeral that we witness and which we participate in. The funeral of the principles that have made the West strong, and which now seems obsolete to it.



  • November 11, 2016 4:03 PM MSK