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Canadian engineer introduces concept of flying combat bike

Everything that is required from the driver is to adapt to flights a little

Industrial designer Charles Bombardier even thought out several design features: the size of Zaxon – so he called his groundwork – will not differ from the conventional bike, but will be equipped with jet engines, which will allow the vehicle to fly. Two bigger engines can be positioned in front, two smaller ones – behind. The small size should not confuse future riders. The bike should fit four anti-tank missiles. In case something goes wrong, Zaxon can be equipped with a parachute. Jet engine and the ability to shoot missiles on the fly make the idea very attractive to all, and especially to the military, after all, who, if not them, could eventually get this fancy, dangerous and very steep bike?

Wired reports that Zaxon will presumably be able to fly at speeds up to 240 kilometers per hour, and a special stabilization system allows the bike to fly straight. Everything that is required from the driver is to adapt to flights a little. SWAT-bikers will be able to take off directly from the transport aircrafts or aircraft carriers.


That sounds just fine, but the sketches on paper still need to be implemented. And there is a need of a lot of money to create a working prototype of the vehicle. In theory, the development could involve some large state office. In practice, hardly anyone would agree to invest in such an unusual and rather dubious idea.

We recall that attempts to create a flying machine have already been made, and with some success. Colin Firz from the UK has created something similar yet in spring. See how he shakes from side to side during the test by visiting this link. However, Firz proved that the flying bike is a very real thing. We hope someday he will finish it off.



  • November 9, 2016 5:04 PM MSK