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Boeing patents VTOL

American Boeing Aircraft Corporation patented the passenger airliner with VTOL

The aircraft is to be equipped with four engines with rotary screws, two per the wing, which can operate in both the vertical and horizontal position. Vertical will be used for take-off and landing according to the helicopter principle, and the horizontal – for flight as a normal airplane.

According to the patent, passenger capacity of the liner will be at least 100 people, it is scheduled be used in the regional commercial flights. At the same time, the plane may be transformed for military purposes and operate as a business jet.

In the US Army since 2007 there is a patented tiltrotor similar to aircraft V-22 Osprey, which is developed by Boeing and Bell companies and is the only serial machine of this type in the world. Osprey is equipped with two turboshaft engines housed in rotary nacelles on the wing tips. The machine with take-off mass of more than 27 tons is capable of reaching a maximum speed of over 500 kilometers per hour. It can carry 24 paratroopers.

Tiltrotor are currently used by the USMC and the USSOCOM. Options for different equipment of these machines, including hardware AWACS, are being developed.



  • November 9, 2016 4:46 PM MSK