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Russian inventor creates unique windmill

There is a unique invention in Russia that will overshadow an oil monopoly.

The Russian inventor has created the unique windmill, capable of using wind energy as efficiently as possible.

The inventor Leonid Bondarev has been engaged in alternative energy for 15 years. He had violated all the rules of aerodynamics and got a brand new propeller. It is not three blades for streamlining as a classic windmill, but a cone with eight ones. And every blade is based on the Reuleaux triangle and it is bent as needed.

The prototype is made of a thin composite material, but it will be only few millimeters thick in the future, because the thickness does not matter. What is more important is that the new shape has a valuable fall-out: a lateral air flow is no longer goes sideways, now they turn propeller.

ʺThis windmill can operate at the wind speed of one meter per second that is two or three times less than you usually need,ʺ Leonid Bondarev said.

The Russian Ministry of Defence is already interested in the invention. Wind turbines can provide a headquarter tent with electricity no worse than diesel generator. According to Bondarev, it will take Tula paratroopers only one hour to deploy the generator.

This windmill is suitable for domestic purposes. This experimental model produces 2 kilowatts of power. Five hours of work is enough to provide a summer cottage with electricity for 24 hours.

Bondarev has already counted, if you install these windmills at Baikal, where the strong wind blows, they are able to provide a half of Siberia with electricity.


  • November 2, 2016 11:19 AM MSK