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UN: From $7 to $25 trillion are hidden in offshore accounts

The UN reports that there are from $7 up to $25 trillion hidden in the offshore accounts, and, on top of everything else, countries do not get hundreds of billions of tax every year.

As a result, it leads to the impoverishment of population, lack of funds for social and infrastructure problems, etc.

ʺWe think that it is equivalent to a theft of public money, and we call upon governments of all countries to ban anonymity and schemes of tax evasion,ʺ the UN concluded.

It was repeatedly said that the huge surplus of Russia’s foreign trade, formed in the late 80’s, was one of the specific features of colonial robbery, legalized during restructuring (as a matter of fact, the introduction of the colonial taxation was the purpose of restructuring). One part goes to debt surrogates of Western countries, and another one goes to their puppets as a Spanish property, football clubs and, of course, offshore accounts. And it will not be easy for us, if most of offshore accounts are lost as a result of the collapse of the global financial system.


  • October 25, 2016 4:43 PM MSK