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Alexey Muratov and activists of CWT helped inmates of orphanage with welfare aid

The Chairman of the Board of the International Public Movement Change the World Together (CWT) Aleksey Muratov have visited the orphanage in the city of Medan

On Sunday, October 23, the Chairman of the Board of the International Public Movement Change the World Together (CWT) Aleksey Muratov, along with the leaders of the Movement in Indonesia have visited the orphanage in the city of Medan (the administrative center of the province of North Sumatra, Indonesia). The guests didn’t come empty-handed, they brought all the necessary things for the children.

According to Alexey Muratov, employees of this orphanage appealed to the representatives of CWT the day before, where hundred of girls at the age from 10 to 13 are growing up.

"Teachers have told us that they need hygiene products, as well as some products for children. Today we have brought hygiene kits for children: toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, towels, cleaning supplies, as well as rice and other products, "- Muratov said. Moreover, CWT activists gave cash to cover another important expenditure items of the orphanage.

"This is not our last meeting with the pupils of the orphanage. In December, they will have a holiday and for them to make it interesting and useful, we are going to arrange a traveling to the unique lake Toba, "- said Alexey Muratov. According to this, the girls will have opportunity not only to visit the largest volcanic lake in the world and enjoy its unique beauty, but also take a tour to cultural and historical sites.

Source: CWT News

  • October 25, 2016 2:13 PM MSK