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Prizm is now more Fast, Stable, Secure and Detailed.

PrizmCore 1.9.18 Changelog.

1. The Big Things

1.1. Enforced SSL encryption - increased privacy and security

When you start PrizmCore for first time with prizm.apiServerHost=

- PrizmCore generates self-signed SSL certificate

- There is a "SSL CERTIFICATE SHA1 FINGERPRINT" message in your log during first run - note the SHA-1 fingerprint of generated certificate. You can compare this fingerprint to the one shown in the browser. If they are equal you can be sure that there is no man-in-the-middle intercepting your connection.

- PrizmCore enables SSL encryption using this certificate

- to open PrizmCore web interface you have to open https://localhost:9976, not the http:// one

- SSL usage is enforced only if the web interface is expected to be accesible from the outer world

- whenever you want you can set up your own self-signed or trusted SSL certificate inside

- browser will warn you, that "Your connection is not private". It is OK for self-signed certificates - encryption is still works as expected, but your browser does not trust such certificate.

- you can disable SSLEnforce by setting prizm.apiServerEnforceSSL to "false" in

- most significant thigs the SSL does: encrypts your adminPassword (when using administrative APIs), encrypts passphrases of forging users, increases privacy of Web Interface users, protects from man-in-the-middle attacks

1.2 New API: GetAccountChildren - more info about your account

- response contains direct disciples of given account

- response includes balance, amount and disciples count for every of your disciple

- this is "HierarchyAPI" request, so it is available only from localhost by default

- this is not performance-heavy API, so you can open it for outter world

1.3. PrizmCore Web Interface feature "Disciples"

- you can inspect your disciples, their balances, amount, their own disciples count inside the PrizmCore Web Interface

- feature is based on GetAccountChildren API

- this feature is only accessible from localhost

- if you want to make it available for remote clients, set prizm.allowAPIHierarchyOnlyLocalhost to "false" and prizm.allowAPIHierarchyWithoutPassword to "true". It is also recommended to add "GetAccountHierarchy" to prizm.disabledAPIs to avoid violations

- Feature is available in the side menu for your account, and in "Disciples" tab in any account modal window

- Inside "Disciples" tab displayed disciples count is limited by 100

1.4. Adaptive validation - blockchain sync is faster then ever

- significantly increases blockchain download speed

- blockchain download speed increases with every downloaded block

- max blockchain download speed is reached approximately after 2000 downloaded blocks

- hard/solid drive read time is decreased

- database lock time decreased

- garbage collector delays decreased

1.5 Blokchain recovery - stable and reliable

- PrizmCore now can recover almost any blockchain files inside prizm_db directory

- PrizmCore now can detect blockchain errors during runtime and fix them automatically

- PrizmCore stability is greatly increased

2. The small things:

- change white background under generated passphrase in PrizmCore Web Interface

- generated passphrases in PrizmCore Web Interface now has 19 words instead of 12

- generated passphrases in PrizmCore Web Interface now starts with "prizm" keyword

- generated passphrase entropy bits increased from 128 to 192 bits

- fixed "sidebar not showing during first logon into PrizmCore Web Interface" bug

- forbbidden "GetBlockchainTransaction" for GENESIS account, because bad guys were overloading nodes with public API by spamming this request, you can inspect latest GENESIS transactions inside it's Account Ledger

- fixed PrizmCore Web Interface translation inaccuracies

- fixed "Error of 364696 block"

- fixed some garbace collector overhead possibilities

- fixed API "getParent - activated by PPPP" error

- fixed PrizmCore hang up during parsing broken transaction bytes

- increased clearness of log messages.

  • April 16, 2019 2:54 PM MSK