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In the struggle for leadership, top-end exchanges artificially overestimate trading volumes by $ 6 billion daily!

This is two-thirds of the total volume of all trading platforms.

Such results of expert research of the data, that the portal CoinMarketCap is give.

A similar situation with the ratings of cryptocurrency themselves, trading volumes of which are also wound up, outputting the currency in the TOP.

And these data have no real. For example, the PRISM crypto currency is not included in the top 100. However, the activity of users is much higher than that of top-level cryptocurrencies.

This shows the reality of the community. As for the turnover, which is not as high as that of other currencies, this is due to the fact that the main sales of PRIZM coins pass through the exchange points of the leaders and directly between the P2P participants.

The question 'is it worthwhile to trust any ratings' still has no answers.

The capitalization of the majority of the ICOs that were held is also not quite true.

And it turns out that in the absence of a unique technology they have no money for release the same project. So naked populism and empty advertising come to an end with a big soap bubble.

And investors need to pay more attention to studying the uniqueness of the proposed technology and to assess the activity of the community of a particular project.

The Crypto and Blockchain industry was generally appreciated by the Professor of Qatar University.

To be more precise, its impact on the environment, having come to the conclusion that crypto mining can cause an ecological catastrophe.

As we have repeatedly said, the costs of mining bitcoin are increasing every year, requiring more equipment that consumes "a huge amount of electricity."

For example, processes associated with a single bitcoin transaction can provide electricity to a British home within a month.

However, the future is for cryptocurrencies. Therefore, mining, which consumes a huge amount of electricity and leads to incredible carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere, Proof-of-Work mining has outlived itself, giving way to forging, which is used to produce advanced cryptocurrency. Such as PRISM.

After all, PRISM is part of the ideology of the international public movement CWT, all of whose actions are aimed precisely at changing the structure of the world, the resource-oriented economy and the justice of the universe.

  • August 28, 2018 3:44 PM MSK