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The dollar is a real scam. Now we are watching its sunset

This point of view was expressed by the financial expert and author of the bestseller ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad Robert’ Kiyosaki.

According to him, in the world there are three forms of currencies: the money of God, government and people.

To "God's" money Kiyosaki attributes gold and silver, to government - the fiat currency.

Cryptocurrency, in his opinion, is the property of people.

Governments that print money in quantities "as much as they want" and winding up the inflation, provoke the collapse of fiat money.

Kiyosaki compared the dollar with toast, and cryptocurrencies and precious metals with a toaster, which "pushes" the fiat currency.

However, not every crypto currency is ready to replace the Fiat.

Work products, which are used by real consumers, provide only two of the five cryptocurrencies.

These are the results of studies that compared the implemented functions with the declared promises. And as a result, according to experts, promises are met only by forty percent.

However, the reality is even more pessimistic - much less than forty percent of those projects that have any working product in the form of a unique technology that surpasses all others.

The overwhelming majority of existing cryptocurrencies today are populism and PR, which have absolutely no value.

Unlike PRISM advanced cryptocurrency, which can become a real alternative to existing fiat money, having a unique technology and a strong ideology.

Nevertheless, the experts are optimistic in their forecasts regarding the cryptocurrency market.

Cryptocurrencies' prices will soon recover, the trend will radically change direction and speculators will return to the market.

So says the head to date the largest exchange of digital currencies Binance.

However, the price of bitcoin, and any cryptocurrency, is determined by the uniqueness of the technology underlying it.

And if demand exceeds supply, the price increases.

But today the first cryptocurrency is technologically obsolete. New generation cryptocurrencies, such as PRISM, significantly outperform bitcoin, both technically and in terms of decentralization.

After all, the price of bitcoin depends on large investors. Since ninety percent of coins are on only ten percent of wallets.

That didn't allow bitcoin to become a full-fledged decentralized alternative to the fiat currency. And speculators from the market didn’t go anywhere.

The very same exchanges are forced to fight for ratings, using the full range of ways to fight.

  • August 28, 2018 3:31 PM MSK