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Alexei Muratov's book was published in a new edition - an overview

To understand the essence of PRISM's advanced crypto currency, it's necessary to understand the ideology of the International Public Movement CWT. "Change the world together." Soon the world will see the 2nd edition of Alexei Muratov's book "CWT Ideology". The circulation of the book was 5000 copies. This book presents a vision of the new ideology of the international public movement 'Change the World Together'. This ideology unites people of different countries, different cultures, religions and confession for the sake of one goal - to become free from the domination of world financial corporations.

The second edition has retained its thematic focus, but some parts of the book have undergone changes, and a chapter about the advanced cryptocurrency PRISM has been added with a description of its concept.

Already in the foreword the author focuses the reader's attention on the subject of criticism and discussion of the "current financial and economic systems", which he carries through almost 200 pages and at the end of the book introduces the reader to the PRISM advanced cryptocurrency. PRISM is the solution of the CWT Public Movement, the result of the work of a strong international group of programmers. PRISM doesn't have an issuing center and can be used as an absolutely transparent and decentralized payment method. But most importantly, Prizm is devoid of the shortcomings of bitcoin and, as it develops, will become even more decentralized, which excludes the very possibility of seizing power over the system.

Everyone can read the e-version of the book free of charge on the official website of the community, by going to the section "Ideology" - "Book" - "Read". While the book is available only in Russian.

  • August 27, 2018 2:27 PM MSK