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Record-setting 30 km teleportation performed

Physicists are advancing in quantum teleportation. Quantum teleportation over long distances is technically possible, researchers have shown.

Quantum teleportation managed to be carried out at a distance of 30 kilometers. Chinese and Canadian scientists independently performed experiments on the transmission of coded information in the particles of light.

Quantum teleportation through a fiber-optic network can significantly improve the safety and durability of Internet connections. However, when transmitting information over long distances independent light sources are required.

The problem is that a light beam from a source after passing several kilometers should be indistinguishable in relation to the light beam from another source.

To solve this problem, two research teams independently developed feedback mechanisms and synchronization of light signals specifically for their experiments on quantum teleportation.

In one case, the light with wavelength peculiar to telecommunications was used. This allowed minimising the rate at which the photonic signal loses its intensity during transmission through optical fiber.

Another research group used an additional light beam with a wavelength of 795 nanometers.

The experimental results showed that quantum teleportation over long distances is technically possible. The researchers hope their work will help to develop new technologies that will improve the efficiency of transmission of information encoded in elementary particles.

Earlier this year, physicists carried out an experiment of teleportation with a living organism, by creating an analogue of the Schrödinger cat. Scientists have announced the creation of the circuit, with which it is possible to ‘teleport’ quantum state and the centre of mass.

Later, scientists have found a way to actually instantly teleport information about the properties of matter at small distances not at the quantum but at the normal level.


  • October 19, 2016 4:29 PM MSK