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About the safety rules when working with PRIZM

New technologies provide new opportunities. And for defrauder as well. The price for the Prizm representatives frivolity rises to tens of thousands of dollars.

Cybersecurity is the problem of the century. Internet scammers, hackers are the real threat to the world of cybersecurity. Recently, PRIZM users wallets were undergone a DDoS-based attack and some wallets were hacked.

How not to become a victim of hackers and secure your purse PRIZM:

  1. To enter into the purse PRIZM use only the address that you see on the screen
  2. The computer must have an antivirus with the actual antivirus database
  3. Do not go into the purse PRIZM using public connections to the Internet (cafes, stations, airports, etc.)
  4. Never send a passphrase by e-mail or messengers
  5. Do not use someone else's computer, smartphone or tablet to work with your wallet
  6. Do not use unproven or questionable PROXY and VPN servers for Internet access
  7. Disable all extensions of your browser before entering in the purse
  8. If you are using a Wi-Fi router, be sure to turn off WPS and create a password for Wi-Fi of at least 10 characters
  9. Do not store the passphrase on local disks of your computer, write it to a separate digital medium or print it out
  10. Do not use this digital media for other purposes.
  11. Do not open or give remote access to your computer
  12. Do not click on links and do not open suspicious attachments that came to you by e-mail
  13. Do not use the services of unfamiliar IT professionals
  14. When you communicating by Skype do not show your screen
  15. Do not use your smartphone or tablet to access your wallet if it is connected through a mobile network.

To enter into the purses, use only official PRIZM links posted on GitHub and the official website. Do not click on links from unknown sources of letters, articles or news. Unknown sources can lead you to a site with a similar name and the same design, but the link will not match the official version, because it can contain some kind of changed letter - a dummy site.

Use a separate browser, preliminarily disabling the autocomplete forms, passwords saving and history.

By performing these simple recommendations PRIZM users will be able to save and secure their financial investments from intruders.

  • July 18, 2018 12:24 PM MSK