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PRIZM car events are held all over the planet! New details

Such car rally format actions become not just popular but already traditional. As early as on the thirtieth of July, the representatives of Prizm community will again go through their cities - to unite and express their positive attitude towards friendship as an instrument for the development of a humane and cohesive society, to ask the world community to stop war. Because wars will ruin the world in which we live. See the direct speech with our studio in next releases.

Activists comments:

"Hi there!! On July 6, 1785, the US Continental Congress approved the dollar as the American national currency. And in pursuit of these "wrappers" people forget about the true values - goodness, mercy, humanity".

"Here is a printing press."

"This is evil."

"We are against the dollar."

"The dollar is a candy wrapper nothing unprovided."

"They met us very cordially. The children arranged a concert for us, also conducted an excursion. We brought them a show program - "Cryo-Show". Also, we brought a full car" "Gazelle" with everything, many things - just do not list. Basically, it's clothes, a sofa, a split air-conditioning system, and much more.

"The Center for Social Assistance to the Family and Children of the City of Kyzyl expresses its gratitude to the activists and all participants of the advanced cryptocurrency "Prizm" of the city of Kyzyl for the charitable assistance provided and the entertainment for the children of the inpatient department".

"Guys, who will win? "Prism" or the dollar? "

"Prism" !!!

Friends, all - good!

"Speak to you later. In touch with Yuri Nazarov from the Center for pasting the city of Novosibirsk crypto-currency "Prism" in the form of letters of the PSM, which means "Prism".

"The purpose of today's action is the children's rehabilitation center "Victoria". To show the children how the family really looks and what is the relationship".

"Comrades, you see - what kind of pyramid? We are against the financial pyramid. Therefore, what will we do? Without comments, we solve the problem".

"The cars were about a hundred, and we lost count. The starting point for us, as usual, as well as for the first time, was from the central stadium. There we have a large ground, very convenient for starting".

"We express contempt here this dollar" because he drove us all into slavery. I'll explain each one separately.

"Look, today, with the help of our this community, we collected a serious amount of money, bought gifts, and gave them to the orphanage".

"The dollar is unsecured."

"Who will win - the dollar or the Prism?"

"The dollar is a pyramid".

"Dear our organizers of the holiday, please accept gratitude from our collective of children's home № 1 and from our kids for these vivid impressions today. And for your kindness, for the animation show, for soap bubbles, for the gifts that you gave to the children. Thank you! Today, the children received a lot of attention, a lot of emotions, and a festive mood. And thank you also for your attention to the teaching staff. Thank you very much! "

  • July 18, 2018 10:10 PM MSK