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Champion lady and girl record holder - interview with «Lady Prizm»

Having built her own body, she builds a Prizm structure. Multiple champion lady and record holder girl with the same zeal develops the community. Lady Prizm is in touch with us from USA.

— Hello! Let's introduce ourselves. Will you name yourself? Or we can name you "Lady PRIZM"? Nice to meet you, Irina! Tell us about yourself in a couple of words.

— Hello! Yes, my nickname is Lady PRIZM, but my real name is Irina. I'm in connect from another continent, the USA, New Jersey. I am a professional athlete. I have a lot of cups. I was in the top 100 best athletes during three years. I acted in the professional league "Figure", "Mens Physicist" and tried herself as a bodybuilder, but there are very high criteria. I'm too thin for bodybuilding.

— How did you learn about the PRIZM cryptocurrency? And why did you give to it your prefer?

— Despite the fact that I'm not so old, I began to wonder what would I do when I retired. Because everywhere the pension is low. And even in America. I'm a professional coacher here. I talked to my clients, they do not have enough of this pension. And I decided not to leave it for the last year. I began to study this question on the Internet. I searched Social Media for "investments". Of course, I was more interested in investments in the russian speaking countries, because the language is very important for understanding.

So then it was from one investment to another and so on. Somewhere it was scam and I lost. Then one of my acquaintances introduced me to Prizm. I already hearing about this cryptocurrenсy, but from the first time I didn't take it seriously. And then I started with a small amount and accumulated. I believed more, added more. And now I have a good percentage. I try to invite people too.

— What do you think about the modern financial system at all?

You know, I knew nothing about the financial system before, and it's only over the past two years I learned about the banking system from all sorts of videos from the Internet. I think that's great, now I'm the owner of my personal bank having Prizm wallet.

— What would you recommend to those who only met PRIZM or juіt think about it?

— Don't miss your time. It is a lot of new technologies. Prizm is not Proof-of-Work mining. You just need to have a regular phone or a regular computer. That's all! You don't need a lot of investment. I wish you to be healthy and rich. See you soon!

  • July 7, 2018 12:10 PM MSK