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Working meetings were held CWTPRIZM in India, Turkey and Southeast Asia

Working meetings and trainings of CWT and PRIZM followers are held regularly. Most recently one of these meetings took place in Nasik. It was organized by Mr Nar Hari. Another meeting in Mumbai was organized by Mr. Jadav. Prizm leaders and participants share the experience of promotion with pleasure, communicate on topical issues, and discuss a further strategy for the development of the movement in the region.

The CWT and PRIZM movement is gaining momentum in Southeast Asia. As part of the working trip of CWT leader Miss Methavinee Butsarn to Cambodia, meetings were held with a number of network leaders in the region.

They are:

Miss Sazzii Pichamon Deesamer (Мис Сазии Пичамон Десамер)

Mr.Teety Somrak Chaiyotha (Мистер Тети Сомрак Чаийота)

Miss Thanyalak Rakpiyasakun (Мис Таньялак Ракпийасакун)

Miss Pornampraj Butsarn (Мис Порнампрадж Бутсарн)

Miss Walai Boonkarn (Мис Шалай Бункарн)

Mr. Uy Sopheak (Мистер Уй Софеак)

Mr. Somethea Thach (Мистер Сометеа Тач)

Leaders were particularly impressed with the power of CWT ideology, and also noted that they would be promoting PRIZM, because they realized that the prism is really decentralized cryptocurrency. We are waiting for new photos and video reports!

Meetings were also held in Turkey. Speakers Ahmet Aslan and Hassan Akgun made speeches in Duzce. Within the framework of the last seminar numerous answers were received to questions about the blockchain and paramaming of Prizm cryptocurrensy. Such meetings are scheduled as regular.

  • July 7, 2018 4:06 PM MSK