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The PRIZM rally was supported by activists in India and Turkey

The sixth of July was marked in the history calendar by the approval of the dollar as the official monetary unit of the United States. This was the starting point for the formation and development of the financial pyramid. Representatives of the community prisms didn't whistle over this date.

July the 6th Prizm auto rally wreak havoc with the importance of the money, stressing the importance of humanity, goodness and mercy.

On the central streets of Russian cities, one-dollar bills with bright inscriptions floated up into the air. "The dollar is a financial pyramid", "STOP printing machine of the Fed!", "The dollar is a wrapper, a paper not provided with anything" was written on the front side of the bills. And on the reverse side was written "Who will win?" And two logotypes - the dollar and Prism.

This flash mob is the first part of the charity event, the end point of which was the visit of Prism activists to social institutions: orphanages, disabled homes, nursing homes.

To emphasize that kindness and peaceful human relations are more important and more valuable than money, activists of the Prism community provided charitable assistance to those who really need it.

After all, in fact, people do not need money, as world elites successfully imply. It was on July 6, 1785, having approved the dollar as the official American currency, the financial elites created a dollar printing machine, a financial system in which everyone on the planet must work, earning these candy wrappers.

People are victims of financial fraud. They impose values associated with money. So, people forget that the real values are completely different.

Today, a huge number of people need help. And with this action, Prism activists show their disparaging attitude to money, that this is just a cut paper, candy wrappers, and provide assistance to those who really need help, setting an example for everyone else.

The rally organizers in their cities shared their impressions and achievements on the air. All of them noted the importance of this event, as surrounding persons were interested in the Prizm cryptocurrensy. Therefore the communities in the regions will certainly develope even more active. Also, the leaders noted that this event turned out to be a real holiday for those who so lack attention and care. Representatives of Prism community were thanked not for gifts, but for tender loving care, for the time spent together.

Organizer from Turkey:

Hello, Hudayberdi! Why did you support this rally? And how did it all go?

We are fine. It was already gathered more than 100 cars, but we expect more.

— Was it possible to convey the main idea that money doesn't rule in life? And did the auto race help in attracting new community members?

— Yes. Our team now has people from Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan. But everything is just beginning.

— Do you communicate with prizm representatives from other countries? If so, does this help in the development of your community?

— Yes, we often hold seminars and webinars on facebook. We explain to people what the Prizm is, what is cryptocurrency and blockchain. The best blockchain in the world is Prism blockchain.

The CWT and PRIZM activists in India expressed their protest to the global financial pyramid during the flashmob by slogans "Stop the printing press of the Fed" and "Who will win - the Dollar or Prism." And answered themselves - Prizm for sure! "

The rally was organized in the district of Manchar, Pune City, Maharashtra State, India

It was a column of 100 cars and about 200 mopeds and motorcycles. Thus 55 orphans of the Balakashram orphanage received umbrellas, caps and school supplies as gifts, and CWT and PRIZM activists have shown by example that human relations, humanity, peace and kindness are above all.

The organizer was the charismatic CWT leader and speaker in India, Mr. Sujit Jadhav with his team, with the support and participation of teams of two more leaders. They are Mr. Umesh Panchal and Mr. Sampath Kuma.

We welcome the CWT and PRIZM community from India, and thank you for such a great event.

PRIZM - everything is just beginning.

  • July 7, 2018 1:39 PM MSK