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There was arranged a funeral of bitcoins on CNBC TV channel. And it is some reason in it

During the Fast Money program on CNBC, host Melissa Lee said that it is have no sense anymore to coverage the cryptocurrency market news.

As an introduction to the interview of the CEO of one of the hedge funds, she read a kind of funeral speech, remembering the brightest moments of the channel's cryptocurrency heading.

Then they discussed the bitcoin rate, the problems of the market, the currency fluctuation, and so on.

But the main problem that was not touched upon in this conversation is what we have talked about repeatedly. Ninety percent of the total capital is stored on ten percent of wallets. This is the centralization of the initially decentralized financial instrument.

That is, today the main advantage with which bitcoin entered the market has been lost. That is why interest in bitcoin and top-level cryptocurrencies is decreasing.

On their place the new generation cryptocurrencies, such as PRISM come. Which are truly decentralized and not managed by capital. Which will surpass bitcoin technically and will not be centered.


As for attempts to create its own cryptocurrency, as the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance of the Bahamas said last week, it is important to emphasize the following.

Such projects will not be successful if it is simply a fork of bitcoin. If this is not an innovative technology, then it will not be possible to make a big step forward, as it was called in the Central Bank in the Bahamas.

If the issuing center is the Central Bank or another state regulator, the project is also doomed to failure.

It is necessary to distinguish state support and management at the state level. Otherwise, the use of blockchain technology, which implies the creation of decentralized projects, completely loses its meaning.

And hand tokens are doomed to share the fate of BuzCoin, the Venezuelan El Petro and other similar tokens.

Another news last week - this is another bitcoin ATM, installed at the airport in Amsterdam.

Perhaps, for the airport itself, this can be considered a certain achievement. However, experience shows that these devices are covered with dust, as they are used extremely rarely.

Altcoins are the currency of the Internet. So it should be used in the network. And it's more convenient to buy and sell cryptocurrency on the on-line exchangers, and then use a credit card in ATMs.

If we are talking about it as about the technology of the future, then the speech not about ATMs at all. The infrastructure of the future doesn't mean ATMs, but the ability to exchange cryptocurrencies one for another or for fiat money without leaving your own home. And even pay for goods and services with cryptocurrency directly.

Last week, the poll data was published, which shows the readiness of every fifth Russian to provide the opportunity for mining on their gadgets in exchange for pop-up ads.

In general, the survey showed a high level of awareness of Russians about the cryptocurrency, but it seems not everyone understands that mining is an inexpedient use of electricity, and consequently a waste of the planet's resources for nothing.

Completely different principles for the creation of blocks are laid in the new gen cryptocurrencies, such as PRISM, which is based on forging.

For the blockchain operation such cryptocurrencies, no empty electricity consumption or mining capacity is required.

  • June 26, 2018 4:54 PM MSK