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The ideology of CWT is gaining more and more followers - the meetings in Turkey, India, Uganda

A meeting of PRIZM cryptocurrency founder Alexei Muratov was held within the framework of the working tour through the Asia countries. About a hundred users of PRISM took part in the event, organized by Hudayberdi, PRIZM leader in Turkey. There were answered the important questions for the community.

Alexey MURATOV, PRIZM cryptocurrency founder: «I have a big request to all the participants. In fact, PRISM has not yet been launched. Now we are selling PRISM at a fixed price of one dollar through the leaders of our international social movement in different countries. The task is as follows: small amounts of PRIZM have to be sprayed as start pre-mining for the maximum participants number in the largest number of countries. All of this have to prevent such problem as in bitcoin, where ninety percent of coins lie on ten percent of wallets. Therefore, I have a big request: don't sell PRIZM to large investors who will sit in a so called locomotive, do nothing, paramine and in essence parasitize on our community».

Hudayberdy, leader of PRIZM, Turkey: «They asked about the blockchain, nodes, PRISM, and cryptocurrency. We answered all the questions. All about cryptocurrencies. Now they know about the disadvantages of bitcoin, about the ethereum lach, about the advantages of PRISM. We explained everything. The fact is that in PRIZM there are no minuses. We explained everything and showed it. We have developers who have all shown».

The advantages of PRISM cryptocurrency are obvious without background information. However, there is such one in Turkey. Last week it became known that one of the creators of the 'quasi-national cryptocurrency' Turk Coin disappeared, stealing more than two hundred million dollars of ordinary citizens money invested in coins. Hudaberdy emphasizes that such information undermines the credibility of the cryptocurrency as such. However, it is not so important for PRISM.

Hudayberdy, leader of PRIZM, Turkey: «Unfortunately it's true. It is very unpleasant that there are scammers in cryptocurrencies. This is very bad. PRISM isn't ICO. In projects at the ICO, you can invest a thousand dollars and burn it out. It's not fair. Therefore, we really liked the PRISM cryptocurrency and its blockchain».

Hudayberdy sees further plans clearly - the constant growth and huge promotion of the PRISM cryptocurrency. He confidently calls PRIZM users as one large family.

Hudayberdy, leader of PRIZM, Turkey: «Alexey Muratov has well thought up, to lead an auto race and a seminar. And hold this events as often as possible. We are currently developing at the maximum rate».

Alexey MURATOV, PRIZM cryptocurrency founder: «Dear friends! PRISM is our common creation. Therefore, the success of our community depends primarily on our activity. There are rules in the PRISM blockchain, when community members themselves promote PRISM and for this they receive a reward from the system».

Hudayberdy, leader of PRIZM, Turkey: «Welcome! We are waiting in Turkey for Alexei Muratov and all the community representatives. We are all one big family now».

Within the framework of the Asian tour was held the meetings in Cyprus. European University students, future programmers, with the help of Alexei Muratov sorted out in the fundamentals of blockchain technology. And also got acquainted with the PRISM cryptocurrency. Departing to their homes, these are dozens of different countries, students will surely become PRISM community leaders in their regions.

The leaders of the international public movement CWT also met in the city of Churu, Rajasthan, India. The meeting was organized by the leader in Rajasthan - Mr. Gyan Singh Rathore. Meeting participants clearly demonstrated how the world is stuck in today's financial model. And that the PRISM community representatives are able to save it. In addition, there was another artistic image in this action.

CWT movement representatives are on the road constantly to convey their ideas and tell about PRISM's advanced cryptocurrency to as many people as possible.

  • June 26, 2018 2:46 PM MSK