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The international motor rally «Peace to the World!» was supported by PRIZM members worldwide

Unity of principles and community cohesive. Such results were shown by representatives of the PRIZM cryptocurrency users community. They have carried out the action "Peace to the World!" in the auto race format.

Numerous participants of the international public movement CWT around the world supported the action "Peace to the World!". Uganda, India, Turkey. The event, dedicated to the Day of Memory, was part of the meeting of two hundred CWT leaders in the city of Mumbai.

«Wide-ranging event for sure! There were gathered a uge number of cars. It was very cheerful!»

«I think it's necessary to hold such holidays more often».

«On the whole I'm in shock. Because we declared sixty cars, but a hundred and twenty arrived».

«The action was held by luck! The weather from early morning didn't hot – good».

«I invite all comers to our republic, to our city. Let's get acquainted with our PRISM activists in Kyzyl».

«Hello. The mood was excellent. But the weather in Krasnodar, as always, was baking hot! It was 95 degrees Fahrenheit outside. Of course, it was hard. But everything went by luck». юAs the phrase goes, there are big and small in our team. Students and pensioners, as well as social workers and businessmen. All the social groups representatives. PRISM is essential anywhere in the world, because its main idea is freedom. And in my opinion, it is the most important for anyone».

CWT leaders and PRIZM activists in Turkey joined the auto rally. Fifty-five cars and even more participants gathered in Istanbul. column of PRISM activists' cars drove to the Russian Federation Embassy. Participants laid flowers under Embassy gate paying the tribute to the memory of people killed in the Great Patriotic War.

According to the event regulations, a violin sounded and were lied floral tributes. But not the protocol united the PRISM community of Turkey. But a sincere desire to change the world.

All of this were done to ensure that the world was not ruled by military conflicts, explosions, children's lamentations and mother's tears, but by the justice, smiles, and immutable success and prosperity.

  • June 26, 2018 1:33 PM MSK