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PoW mining continues... BUT! The advantages and details of paramining

The unlucky miner in January last year, using Trojans, hacked computers of unnamed government agencies for bitcoin mining. Miner faces up to four years in prison or forced labor for up to five years. As reported in the press-center of the Federal Security Service in the Vladimir region, the law violator failed to earn a lot on this. And in general, bitcoin mining based on Proof-of-Work technology is incredibly energy-intensive.

As we have repeatedly said, this technology has outlived itself - it's time for a new generation cryptocurrency. Proof-of-Stake technology does not require waste of the planet's resources, since electricity does not become a guarantee of profit, but the number of coins in the wallet.

Exactly forging is the basis for the mining of the truly decentralized cryptocurrency PRIZM. The developers of this coin added a unique, linear-retrograde mechanism - ParaMining - to the basic forging mechanism. ParaMining creates new coins, according to the metrics of the standard mathematics of the development of a normalized financial system in the global economy.

In the PRIZM community it was felt that such a format for the growth of the coins mass could provide a gradual and confident replacement of all currently existing economic instruments. The speed of extraction of new coins with the help of Paramaynig is calculated from two main parameters, this is the number of coins in your personal wallet and the number of coins on the wallet of you followers at 888 levels in depth. According to the characteristics, Paramaming is an MLM 2.0 system that excludes everything that repels the common man from the network business, but at the same time involves him in the development of the network to increase the speed of coin mining on his personal wallet. For the first time, the system of establishing referral links without using any references has been applied. After creating a new wallet, the system captures the first transaction from the blockchain and sets up a permanently referral chain that can not be changed, which makes it easy to build global MLM networks and increase the speed of new coinage.

Making any transaction in the wallet, the ParaMainning system records to the blockchain the value of coin number of the owner's wallet and the number of coins in the wallets of his followers, at which point new coins are generated for the wallet balance. According to the most modest calculations, the monthly increase in the number of coins for such a user is at least 10%.

The Paramaming system is the most perfect tool for promotion and popularization, as it has no analogues in any modern cryptocurrency. The main advantage of Paramaming is that no network user can interfere with this mechanism and falsify new coins, all users can in real time monitor the number of coins issued by the system.

Paramayning works on any wallet with a balance over one coin of PRIZM and automatically stops when a balance of one million is reached.

  • June 4, 2018 8:42 PM MSK