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Aleksey Muratov presented his book “CWT Ideology” in Indonesia

The first batch of Aleksey Muratov’s book was published an edition of 5000 copies in the Indonesian language.

On October 16, the book of Chairman of the Board Aleksey Muratov of the International Public Movement Change the World Together (CWT) was presented in Malang (Indonesia).

The presentation was attended by the leaders of CWT Indonesia and also the members of all blockchain projects in the region. As Alexey Muratov noted during the presentation of book, the downfall of world financial system is inevitable, so now we need to take care of the new financial model creation. "The emission of new currency should be made only by people who use it, without national pegging,” he stressed.

According to Muratov, many experts state about the inevitable downfall of financial elites. For example, academician of RAS, presidential adviser of RF Sergey Glazyev in his recent interview to "Literary newspaper" noted that in the coming years, the US economy are waiting for hard times. "State America's debt is growing exponentially as financial bubbles are growing increasingly. Their volume is already more than in 2008. And like any financial pyramid, this system will inevitably self-destruct", the presidential adviser expressed confidence, noting that the transition from US centric globalization to polycentric world with a new way of the world economy to avoid the outbreak of a third world war.

As Aleksey Muratov stated, the only way in this situation is uniting and creating a new financial model. "This system will be open and clear to everyone. It is necessary to create a unit of calculation which is not connected to material values and will only express the value of goods or services", the Chairman of the Board of the Change the World Together resumed, calling to join CWT Public Movement.

Source: CWT News

  • October 18, 2016 3:06 PM MSK