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Bitcoin-pizza 2018 costs $ 85 million

On this occasion someone repeat the history of the most expensive pizza in the world, others offer original options how to celebrate this day, and @bitcoin_pizza twitter-account daily measures how much the cost of pizza bought in 2010 has increased.

Bitcoin pizza cost ten thousand bitcoins eight years ago when bitcoin itself cost tens of thousands less. Today, after a fabulous rise in the price of bitcoin, a popular pizza costs about eighty-five million dollars. In spite of the fact that bitcoin is not provided with anything, its price has grown many times due to the uniqueness of the technology and the limited number of coins.

Bitcoin could be the global payment currency, however, turning into a speculative instrument in the hands of trade players, bitcoin was not destined to become such. Having small bandwidth and high transaction costs, bitcoin became inconvenient technical parameters too.

Therefore, we can safely say that the future is behind the new generation of cryptocurrencies, which are truly decentralized and provide users with equal rights and opportunities.

Such as PRIZM cryptocurrency. This coin, with a stable exchange rate, increases its capitalization. Owners of PZM have increased their status several to ten times, depending on how actively they developed the community by activating the wallets of friends.

Being essentially unique, the PRIZM cryptocurrency can become a global means of payment.

  • May 19, 2018 9:51 PM MSK