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God bless America and the whole World: there are forces in the United States fighting the World Government!

Not too late, not too early, but right on time - this is what the words “catch luck by the tail” mean.

A video from the international organization “Change the World Together” has been shared on Youtube. This is a channel of like-minded people which has over 65 thousand subscribers. Members of this organization want to unite people from all over the world. To unite not in the name of war, but in the name of salvation. These people propose to unite but not against globalism, as it may seem at the first glance. As globalism has already collapsed, as did Rome in its time, now we can hear heavy parts of this colossus fall and watch it crumble into small pieces. They propose to unite in the name of the further development of a multipolar World, the one that Vladimir Putin is talking about, a world where there is place for true freedom of each state.


Many of these people live in the United States, a country that we used to consider to be the center of Globalism. However, in the U.S. itself not everyone thinks so. After all, if you think about it, the very essence of Globalism contradicts the spirit of the real, “one-storey” America inhabited by rednecks.
Yes, of course, President Donald Trump with his program "Make America Great Again" can surely be identified as an adherent of a multipolar World. And his desire for a mild rejection of the U.S. hegemony in favor of the prosperity of its people is clearly visible today compared to the statements, team members and programs of action of Trump's main rival in the upcoming fight for the presidency, - Joe Biden.
The very Joe Biden, who, with just one click of his fingers, finally crushed the last appearance of subjectivity in that U.S. latent colony "independent" Ukraine, and at the same time dragged it’s leadership into an international corruption scheme.


That is why it is very interesting that the "CWT" video has been shared today, especially before the protests that are planned in Washington for tomorrow. Considering that its authors are Americans, something interesting is outlined. We will follow this story up.

  • September 1, 2020 12:09 AM MSK