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Technical Analysis of Cryptocurrency PRIZM

After PRIZM appeared in FCAS Ratings, the global crypto community drew attention to the unique PARAMINING technology which has never been used before.

The community of developers and web designers CodeCondo figured out how the encoded works. They have published a detailed report on their official website on March 21st, 2020.



- private class conducts complex internal calculations;

- it is impossible to create hard fork without these calculations;

- class interface is transparent;

- methods receive only the data that is required for data processing;

- no opaque requests to external (unfocused) code;

- no suspicious behavior detected;

- the code is functional.

Wrap Up!

- PRIZM is 10 times faster than the first transaction confirmation and hit the blockchain.

- PRIZM has 5 times faster transaction acquisition of irreversible status.

- More blocks are needed to declare a transaction irreversible, but the high speed of creating blocks means that after 10 minutes the transaction can be considered irreversible. This is an excellent result for the payment of goods and services due to the reduction of the transaction time.

- The more dynamic growth rate.

- The maximum rate for the year is much higher than that of Bitcoin, which indicates the positive prospects for further growth.

- Significantly more profitable commissions.

- Small commissions minimize losses during the redistribution of funds between controlled addresses and payment for goods and services, favor the further growth in the popularity of cryptocurrencies.

- PRIZM user activity is more than a third of Bitcoin user activity, which is a worthy result, considering that PRIZM is almost a decade younger than Bitcoin.

- The prospect of financial gain through trading is superior to Bitcoin.


Link to the Full Report -


  • March 24, 2020 3:54 PM MSK