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Alexei Muratov met with the leaders of "Change the World Together" during the tour in Asian countries

It is a common knowledge that the ideology of the International social movement "Change the World Together" unites people around the world - the goals of the movement have no geographical, racial, national and political boundaries. That is why today thinking people from around the world join CWT to change the world for the better, by building the world order on fair terms and by directly seeing the results of their activity and their sincere enthusiasm.

The events, conferences and meetings of CWT activists are regular. In recent years, the chairman of board of the International public movement "Change the World Together", Mr. Alexei Muratov visited many countries, by having communicated with regional activists of CWT in each of them.

Today, CWT conferences are not just meetings of people who are united by a powerful and constructive ideology of uniting people and improving their lives. It is a way to hear people directly, to discuss with them their ideas and tools to be used on the way to a large-scale goal of changing the world for the better.

This time, Mr. Alexei Muratov conducted a whole tour in Asian countries, which included large-scale meetings with CWT activists from India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand.

Moreover, this time the conference was visited not only by the old leaders, but also by the new leaders of the CWT - the latter, in turn, passed a peculiar examination about the ideology of the movement.

First of all, within the framework of these meetings held in different countries, the issues of the work of the IMF, the Federal Reserve System and the Central Banks around the world have been actively discussed. CWT leaders discussed the disadvantages of today's global financial system, spoke a lot about the imperfection of a market economy, whose goal is to maximize profit. It is the pursuit of maximum profit that leads to conflicts between the people and countries, and, in general, it contributes to the development of the vices of human being and of the society. The economy should focus on the development of man and society - this is the fundamental difference between the models of the world economy, which is being proposed by the leaders of the CWT.

In one of the discussions on this topic, Alexei Muratov said: "Today, in 189 IMF member countries, not the national currencies but the US dollar and the Euro are used, which are converted into the national language, which are in the reserves of the Central Banks. In fact, these countries do not have the opportunity to print their own banknotes, respectively, they do not have state sovereignty - it's just an illusion of freedom and independence. The world is run by financial elites, as its "summer residence". Roles are determined by each state. "

Of course, within the framework of the tour, special attention was paid to the advanced crypto currency PRIZM, which has been created to show to the world - a technology of building a decentralized world financial system, a new concept of financial relations between people. It is possible to transfer and exchange values ​​directly via P2P, witout intermediaries in the form of banks and financial corporations. Leaders of CWT also highly appreciated the best visualization of blockchain in the world - Discovery PRIZM.

During the conferences, the latest actual news from the blockchain industry also was actively discussed.

An acute statement by Andrew Left, the author and editor of the investment publication Citron Research has caught the attention of CWT activists from India. The expert said that Bitcoin and Ethereum are bubbles.

The chairman of the International public movement commented "Change the World Together" Alexei Muratov commented on this statement by Andrew Left: "He's right: Bitcoin and Etherium are bubbles, same like the world financial system, the banking system. The largest pyramid is the US dollar. Many national currencies, which are based on the US Dollar and the Euro, are pyramids built on the pyramids. "

To be fair, it should be said that today many world experts are confident that the crypto-currency industry as a whole is not a "bubble", but more is a "needle" that will burst the current unfair financial system of the world.

For example, Mr. John Matonis is confident that the current economy of the planet goes from fiat money imposed by the banking system, and decentralized assets directly support this revolutionary trend.

"People who claim that the Blockchain technology itself is a bubble, I will answer that it is a needle that will pierce the bubble. The bubble is an insane stock markets and securities that central banks support. These are bubbles, "- said Mr. Matonis.

Activists of CWT and PRIZM support this trend - it is these ideas that the members of the movement are trying to convey since 2011. The world begins to wake up, the illusions start going away.

"There is no doubt that decentralized crypto-currencies are a more progressive comparing to the currencies of the world. Blockchain technology will directly benefit our planet - this is difficult to argue with. But the main thing that we should not allow today is the replacement of "sew into the soap". It is necessary to rely on decentralized crypto-currencies, not on those that are just covering with this decentralization, while remaining projects managed by a group of unknown persons who have concentrated control over the nodes in their hands, who own mining pools and the lion's share of tokens. The rate should be made for progress - today PRIZM crypto currency is the tool which is more advanced in the technical execution in this innovative market.

PRIZM is a truly decentralized crypto currency, which, as it develops, does not become a centrist model, but even becomes more dispersed. PRIZM provides equal rights and opportunities for all users. This is real decentralization.

Projects in which master-nodes exist, where there are mining pools or the emission of new coins is available only to a limited number of people - are not decentralized. Projects where all are equal, but there is someone more equal, cannot be an alternative to the existing financial system. The world is tired of this and wants freedom, equal rights and opportunities, regardless of nationality, religion and financial status, “commented Mr. Alexei Muratov.

Also, CWT leaders drew attention to the statement made by the former president of "Goldman Sachs" Mr. Gary Cohn, who became a Head of the National Economic Council of the US President Donald Trump a month ago. The latter gave a comment to CNBC, where he stated his confidence that Bitcoin is not destined to become a single global asset in the future.

"I do not really believe in Bitcoin. But I really believe in Blockchain technology. I'm sure, sooner or later, we will have a global cryptocurrency, “Mr. Kon said.

In addition, he noted that this global crypto currency will not be "based on the cost of mining, the cost of electricity, etc., by hinting at the critical shortcomings of PoW.

"It will be a more understandable cryptocurrency, which, perhaps, will use Blockchain technology, but it will be much more obvious how it is created, how it moves and how people can use it," the expert added.

Thus, Mr. Gary Cohn literally quoted the statements of the chairman of the International Public movement “CWT” Mr. Alexei Muratov, made back in 2016.

"This confirms once again that CWT leaders are at the forefront of the technological revolution which is taking place. We are like white crows.

We were the first in 2011 to openly declare around the world about the imperfection of the financial system of the planet and the advantages of Blockchain technology. We were the first to beat the bell about the centralization of Bitcoin, as well as all top crypto-currencies. We were the first to openly speak out about the perniciousness and irrationality of POW mining. We were the first to start talking about the technical drawbacks of Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies which prevent them from turning from a speculative instrument into a decentralized payment facility. We were the first to break into the development of a new generation of cryptocurrency, which would not have the above listed disadvantages. 

We have always been in the forefront, we are at the forefront of today, and we will be in the forefront tomorrow. It is just beginning! "- summed up Mr. Alexei.


* At the end of the series of conferences, the plan of conferences for the countries of Asia and Africa for 2018 (with the participation of Mr. Alexei Muratov) was agreed. CWT activists and PRIZM users outlined the new horizons for work, the actual tasks and voted for the further implementation of such large-scale tours.

  • May 20, 2018 1:36 AM MSK