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PRIZM walks all around the planet. The leaders of CWT Uganda held a coordinating council on the Birth day of Lenin

"Lenin believed that the disintegration of the system of money circulation is the best way to destroy the capitalist system. Lenin was absolutely right. There is no more correct and effective way of overthrowing the foundations of the existing social system than the undermining of the monetary system"

JM Keynes

Today, anyone who uses cryptocurrencies has a real opportunity to participate in the emission of the future. This opportunity is double relevant for residents of countries which are in need of development. A fair financial and economic arrangement is especially important for people who are living in similar parts of the world.

Many are doing a mistake that they judge all the crypto-currencies in the same way. The main association with the crypto currency for almost everyone is Bitcoin. People do not understand that Blockchain technology is like mathematics. But you can use this mathematics for different purpose. As far as the difference of an atomic bomb from an atomic station, so crypto-currencies can conceptually differ from each other. The source code for crypto currency is the rule. But these rules can be different. We believe that these rules, like the world economy and the financial system, should be guided by the development of a human being and a society. The money itself, like the market economy, is not capable of goal-setting by definition, the market is aimed at maximizing profit. At the same time, the pursuit of this profit is based on the development of human vices and the merciless consumption of the resources of our planet.

Undoubtedly, only innovative, decentralized crypto currency, such as PRIZM, can provide real opportunities for financial stability and independence. That's why more and more people around the world pay attention to PRIZM crypto currency and its tools.


On April 22nd, in Uganda, in the "Javas" cafe, an off-line meeting of major leaders, who are already developing PRIZM, took place. Crypto experts gathered at the Coordination Council to sum up the results, discuss plans and develop a common strategy for the further development of PRIZM not only in Uganda, but also in other countries.

In general, the attention of the gathered crypto experts was on the following topics:


  1. Sharing methods of the ideological foundations of PRIZM and the principles of the operation of this crypto currency to ordinary users. Regional leaders of PRIZM discussed how to maximize the availability of information on how the PRIZM Crypto currency appeared, how it works, how Crypto currency PRIZM will be used as a convenient and decentralized payment instrument in the future.
  2. Explanation methods of how exactly the crypto currency PRIZM is useful for African society – to the local population. Today, most families in Africa face the problem of saving for the future - people are afraid to deal with banks, fearing additional fees. Often, such conditions are real when collection is up to 200% of the deposit amount - therefore, the use of banking services has no practical sense and people continue to keep their money at home, in cash. Thus, by using the PRIZM crypto currency, people in Africa receive financial freedom, not only conveniently saving money and making transactions, but also earning with the help of Paramining. People will not just stop overpaying, by giving the banks solid amounts as fees, but, on the contrary, they will begin to accumulate savings, which will be replenished with the help of mechanisms prescribed in the source code of the crypto currency.
  3. What strategies should be laid as foundation for the development of PRIZM crypto currency in Africa. Each local leader PRIZM, who attended the event, spoke about his ideas, and described how the PRIZM crypto currency should develop.

It was decided in the future to develop PRIZM in the following areas: 

  • Merging of the site and tools of the crypto currency with popular online stores
  • Offline work with communities
  • Start of the off-line and online presentations to get people's attention to the cryptographic world.
  • Creation of autonomous offices for the sale of PRIZM in Africa.
  • Also, the focus was made on promoting the ideology of the International social movement "Change the World Together". This priority was due to the activity and attention of users to the movement. In addition, the leaders decided to release the first copies of the book "CWT Ideology" for PRIZM users.



Evaluation of the above strategies, ideas and thoughts by PRIZM leaders who were present at the meeting.

- "PRIZM is an excellent opportunity for us and all of Africa, because in this unfair financial world we feed managers of banks, workers and their families. By using PRIZM, you can save money, and earn with Paramining»

- "I am pleased to start working with the club of PRIZM leaders in the process of its development. PRIZM, go forward! "

* Today, such events, conferences and offline meetings are held all around the world. PRIZM walks over the planet, by attracting leaders around the world and dynamically developing from day to day. 





  • May 16, 2018 11:27 AM MSK