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Congratulations to all the users of the advanced cryptocurrency PRIZM on the opening of the first official business platform

The next significant step in the development of PRIZM cryptocurrency, according to the strategy, is the opening of the first official business platform of the PrizmStore system - PrizmShop.

The International innovative platform PrizmShop is created for safe exchange of goods and services via the advanced crypto currency PRIZM. Since April 15th, 2018, any individual can offer any goods and services on our platform in exchange for PRIZM. Cooperation with PrizmShop opens unlimited opportunities for private and small businesses, which in turn stimulates the formation of new financial relations, the basis of which is a modern, innovative means of payment – PRIZM cryptocurrency.

Among the advantages of cooperation, the following important aspects should be noted:

Business platform PrizmShop provides free registration and the opportunity for all affiliated business partners to place a variety of products and services on one site.

More than 25 thousand target users of PRIZM crypto currency can access the goods and services on PrizmShop, the number of which is constantly increasing, due to active network scaling.

The unique system "Paramaming" allows each user of PRIZM cryptocurrency to generate new coins which users will be happy to exchange for worthy goods and services which are presented by business partners at PrizmShop.

Every partner who connects to this business platform gets his own store.

Each store has:

1. Accounting of goods
2. Post service
3. Accounting
4. Reports
5. Summaries
6. Charts

Cooperation with PrizmShop allows any business partner to raise sales, to increase turnover, thereby to "revitalize" the frozen economy of its business.

The proposed scheme for the exchange of goods and services on PRIZM "Secure transaction through the transit account of the exchange of the PrizmStore" ensures guaranteed fulfillment of obligations by the parties involved in the exchange.

When placing and editing, all products and services offered on our business platform PrizmShop are moderated, which allows users (customers) of the platform to access only high-quality goods and services which are appropriate for the legal field.

Business partners freely convert the money received through the exchange of their goods and services from PZM coins to fiat money by using the system of exchange points PrizmStore and connected exchanges.

One cannot but note the importance and significance of launching the PrizmShop Business Platform. PrizmShop is an integral part of the overall development strategy and concept of PRIZM crypto currency. The work of the platform opens new horizons and new perspectives for the development of PRIZM cryptocurrency. It forms the necessary infrastructure, social environment, which in turn will provide a steadily growing interest and demand for a new financial instrument, the name of which is PRIZM.

  • April 19, 2018 10:57 PM MSK