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During the “Moscow Blockchain Congress” conference, Prizm team presented a new “Prizm Loyalty” promotion tool

The team of the International Movement “CWT” continues to promote the technology of blockchain, as well as continues to develop infrastructure of the advanced cryptocurrency PRIZM.

This time, the Chairman of the board of "Change the World Together", the founder of the crypto-currency PRIZM Mr. Alexei Muratov gave speech at "Moscow Blockchain Congress" conference, held at the Russian Academy of National Economy and the State Service on February 27th 2018.

Within the framework of the event, Mr. Alexey spoke in details about the problems of crypto-currencies, the prospects for solutions and possible alternatives, spoke with the guests and exchanged views on a number of actual issues of the blockchain community. After the presentation, we asked Mr. Alexei to give more details on concept of the new instrument, "PRIZM LOYALTY". This tool was announced by the founders of the PRIZM crypto currency Mr. Alexei Muratov and Mr. Yuri Mayorov on February 17th 2018 during the anniversary event of the launch of PRIZM.

The concept of the instrument "PRIZM LOYALTY"

"Since the launch of the advanced crypto currency PRIZM, the development team has been introducing new tools to promote the project, by developing it as a decentralized international payment instrument. These tools refine in accordance with the wishes of users, which makes them convenient and accessible to absolutely everyone. We regularly demonstrate not just creative and technologically innovative concepts, we create tools that do not have analogues. Such tools include licensed exchange platforms of PRIZM, in order to create a system of private banks of a new generation, the visualization of the blockchain tool called "PRIZM Discovery". The advanced PRIZM cryptocurrency itself is a vivid example of a new approach to solving the problems that the crypto community faced today. Another new tool that will help to simplify the exchange of PRIZM cryptocurrency in Fiat, if necessary, was presented on the anniversary of PRIZM, “Mr. Alexei Muratov announced

But before going directly to "PRIZM LOYALTY" - a bit of theory. Since, without knowing or understanding these fundamentals, it is too early to use this tool:

Since the appearance of "fiat money" and up to date, the most profitable business is “Señorage" - and in order to understand the essence of this business you need to understand the terminology.

  • Fiat money - (from the Latin “fiat” - a decree, an instruction, "so be it").

    Already from the title we see that this kind of money is made by those who take responsibility for ensuring their nominal value. In simple words, the cost of fiat money is supported by the belief of people that they can exchange it for something valuable. And only people's belief in "green papers" determines their value compared to the "orange papers". Thus, after understanding this fact, we can make a simple conclusion - any equivalent in the form of paper, metal coins or electronic records is only valuable, when the established systems of upbringing and education model create the belief in the minds of every person that the sheets of paper painted in a special way have a mystical property of converting into goods or services.

  • Señorage - (from the French “seigneuriage”) - income derived from the emission of money and assigned by the emission center on the right of ownership.

    When money is made from a material with a value below the value of the bills being made, it turns into the most profitable business on the planet Earth with the French name "seigniorage" - this is the profit obtained from the difference between the cost of manufacturing and maintaining the circulation of banknotes (paper, electronic or other) and their denomination. For example, if you consider that the cost price for making a hundred-dollar bill is 10 cents, the “seigniorage” when issuing such a note will be 99 dollars 90 cents. But in practice, it will be less due to the amount of costs for protecting, transporting and replacing bills after expiry. Typically, “seigniorage” is the profit of emission centers (central banks) - including those with private ownership (the Federal Reserve System, the Bank of England until 1946).

  • Cryptocurrency - is a kind of digital currency, the emission and control of which are based on cryptographic methods.

    The functioning of such systems is based on blockchain technology. Information about the transactions of all users is not encrypted and is available in open access. To ensure the database remains unchanged on committed transactions, Blockchain technology with cryptographic elements is used. The term "crypto-currency" was fixed after the publication of the articles "Crypto currency" (Cryptographic currency), published in 2011 by Forbes magazine. A key feature of the crypto currency is the possibility of emission of new money and the absence of any internal or external administrator. Therefore, banks, tax, judicial and other public or private bodies cannot influence the transactions of any participants in the payment system. The transfer of cryptocurrencies is irreversible - no one can cancel, block or dispute transactions.

After understanding these simplest terms one can ask the question: How will life on the planet Earth change if the business of producing money is transferred from uncontrolled private structures that have concentrated control over education and the media, to EVERYONE, BY BIRTH? !! 

If this question is not relevant for you, you can right now, after twisting your index finger near the temple, complete the reading of this article, leave our site, and continue a comfortable and happy life in captivity of your own illusions. Well, the one who stayed - will step into the "rabbit hole" and discover the entrance to reality, which is already knocking loudly to us from the future.

In this article, we purposely will not write about personal growth, spiritual development, disclosure of personality or special qualities and skills. If you have not left, having twisted your index finger at the temple, then it is you who is the Most Developed, Highly Spiritual Person who has all the qualities and skills to learn right here and right now how to open an entrance to business with the beautiful French name "seigniorage"


"Today, more and more participants want to open their own licensed exchangers PRIZM STORE. But you need to understand that today the launch of such an exchanger is a big responsibility, great demands and a burden on the owner of this exchanger. You need to have a really big and qualified team of marketers, programmers, and most importantly - a large and active community already at the start. All this is just necessary to maintain the necessary dynamics of the structure and to maintain a stable rate of PRIZM.

That's why we launched "PRIZM LOYALTY" This tool will allow each person, if desired, to try their hand at a small exchange office, for their friends and acquaintances. Everyone can exchange PRIZM within this small community at a fixed price. For example, by selling $ 1.05 for 1 PRIZM and buying back from those people who bought from you at a rate of $ 1, you get income not only from selling coins from your Paramining (“seigniorage”) inside your structure, but also from the amounts of commissions for exchange into Fiat.


PRIZM LOYALTY will help to understand in case if person requests you about selling PRIZM, what percentage of PZM coins this person has bought directly from you. For example, you can set a rule that if LOYALTY is 80% or more (80% of the participant's coins are bought from you), you are ready to redeem the participant's coins back at the rate you set. The above PRIZM rate or LOYALTY requirements are recommendatory in nature, since PRIZM's advanced crypto currency is truly decentralized.

Nobody can impose rules and conditions for PRIZM promotion. We can only recommend to you how to use those tools that we create and offer, express our opinion on certain processes occurring in our community. Everything is in your hands - and if you get it and you realize that this is your tool - you can already go on to open your own full-fledged exchange office PRIZM STORE. By this time, you will have both your own community and your strong team for promotion.

Observing the development of our community, we will continue to create new tools to popularize PRIZM as a full international decentralized payment instrument ", - the new instrument was presented by the Chairman of the International public movement" Change the World Together ", the founder of PRIZM Mr. Alexei Muratov.

  • March 6, 2018 7:51 PM MSK