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The team of advanced crypto currency PRIZM took part in the "Quantum Technology Conference"

Today, the thematic events dedicated to the blockchain themes are held in Russia almost every day. They have different orientations, and are devoted to different topics, they gather different speakers.

However, the activities differ one from other. Some can be more oriented for classic business with the respective guests and speakers, the other – can be more specialized and be more like technical meetings which gather programmers, physicists, cryptographers and experts from similar field.

This time, the PRIZM advanced crypto currency team visited the "Quantum Technology Conference" conference, dedicated to the topic of quantum cryptography, its impact on financial markets, and on the security and speed of data processing. Speakers of the conference described in detail - the ways to develop technology and profit from the use of advanced quantum developments.

The conference was also visited by well-known entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, representatives of telecom operators, data center managers, financiers, bankers and enthusiasts of quantum technologies.

During the discussion of the most topical topic "Quantum Block", the leader of the International public movement "Change the World Together" and the founder of the advanced crypto currency PRIZM also raised the acute topic of the illusory "decentralization" of today's crypto industry: "If you have trusted the nodes, where then is the decentralization? That is, all are equal, but someone is "more equal"?

I will explain: today, the main advantage of the crypto-currency - "decentralization" is declared. But as the cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, develop, they become centrist, although they may have arisen as decentralized tools. That is, power accumulates in the hands of the large mining pools. And it turns out that today everyone talks about decentralization, but in fact, it's just an illusion of this decentralization.

Crypto-currencies today are either initially the centrist model, where the nodes are located with the "trusted persons", or they are not allowed to be publicly accessed, or as the development proceeds, the crypto-currencies become centered - the power accumulates in one hands. PoW – with those who have more power, PoS - who have more balance (due to the balance, you are strengthening, strengthening and strengthening). "




  • March 3, 2018 5:42 PM MSK