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"CWT" celebrated the anniversary of the launch of the crypto currency PRIZM during “Crypto-Maslenitsa"

From year to year, the International Public Movement "Change the World Together" and the team of the advanced crypto currency PRIZM demonstrate creative approaches in their activities. Despite regular participation in official conferences and events, the enthusiasts of the crypto industry from CWT and PRIZM also distinguish their ability to bring serious topics to the public - to talk about global topics in an entertaining form and in a form of festive events.

To be noted: last November, a similar event was held - the ball "Mystery" in St. Petersburg, the main focus of which was to increase the well-being and abundance of its participants.

This time the representatives of CWT and the members of the PRIZM team also excelled in creativity, by organizing the thematic "Crypto-Maslenitsa" in the Moscow region (not far from the town of Domodedovo).

By celebrating the traditional winter holiday, crypto enthusiasts added the flavors of the blockchain community, the ideas of the international movement "Change the World Together" and a bit of esotericism to it. During the popular celebration of the thematic "Crypto-Maslenitsa", blockchain activists and other guests of the published on YouTube).

As participants of the folk festivals told, it is the "dark dragon who is the keeper of all the riches on Earth and only by his grace can one attain power."

Chairman of the international movement "Change the World Together" and the founder of the advanced crypto currency PRIZM Mr. Alexei Muratov, who was present at the "Crypto-Maslenitsa" also commented on the theme holiday: “We are trying to bring the end of the financial pyramid of the Dollar closer. The dollar is doomed, it is already clear to many people. We are moving into a new world of honest financial relations.”

This "Crypto-Maslenitsa" was connected to the anniversary of the launch of the blockchain of the advanced crypto currency PRIZM. February 17th, PRIZM turned one year old, but despite the young age our baby already "shows teeth." Unlike all the crypto-currencies (including Bitcoin), whose rate has recently fallen at times - PRIZM rate remained stable, it demonstrated its stability and independence. It is in no way attached to Bitcoin or other tokens and forks. Mission of Prizm us to become a full-fledged international payment instrument. It's just the beginning!"

Also, Mr. Alexei Muratov spoke about the extraordinary reaction of the media about the event "Crypto-Maslenitsa" (, Rambler.News, RenTV, "Fifth Channel", etc.): "We are not sectarians. The best media occasion is a scandal. And the fact that the guys held such a bright flash mob and drew attention to this problem is the confirmation of this fact. This allowed to attract public attention to a very important topic. Once again, talk about the nature of the emergence of money and the imperfection of the existing world financial system. At the same time, I was surprised by the many mystical things that happened on this day.

The international movement CWT and the PRIZM community really solve one of the most pressing problems of our society: to give an open, transparent, decentralized financial instrument that excludes abuse and fraud. "

And on the criticism in his address, Mr. Alexei Muratov commented: "It is better to have a negative rating than its total absence. Negative rating can always be turned into a positive one, any political technologist will tell you about it. It's worse not to have any rating at all. All that I do is not only to promote the movement itself and the crypto currency PRIZM, but mainly to draw attention to the important problem that today affects the world economy, politics and the development of our society as a whole.

Meanwhile, in the industry. 80% of Bitcoin Unlimited nodes could be owned by one person - BitGo Developer

There is also a flow of hot news inside the blockchain industry. As the developer of BitGo's main Bitcoin solution provider and author of Statoshi analytics service Mr. Jameson Lopp said, the regular and sharp decrease in the number of Bitcoin Unlimited workstations theoretically can confirm that 80% belonged to the same owner or company.

As you know, today there are about 97 Bitcoin Unlimited nodes, but at the most active moments there were 989. Also, the graph shows sharp clipping, which is what leads experts to conclude that most nodes stopped working at one time.

This scandalous news was also commented by the Chairman of the international movement "Change the World Together" and the founder of the advanced crypto currency PRIZM Mr. Alexei Muratov: "This confirms once again what I say at all conferences - that absolutely all the crypto-currencies are subject to centering and power is accumulated in the hands of large mining pools . Such a problem is not limited to Bitcoin Unlimited, but absolutely to all top crypto-currencies: Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and so on - all of them are subject to centering, power is accumulated in one hands.

Therefore, such jumps or falls are not surprising, which only confirm that management comes from a single center. Decentralization, which everyone is talking about, is just an illusion, although the Blockchain technology itself allows the creation of decentralized projects. The advanced crypto currency PRIZM is a proof of this. It is these crypto-currencies like PRIZM that are the basis of the future decentralized world financial system. I'm sure there will be more and more. "

There was a fork of Litecoin Cash

As it became known the other day, the developers of Litecoin Cash crypto currency have been preparing the Litecoin network hard fork. So, it took place (a snapshot of the network was made on block 1371111).

To be noted: in mining of Litecoin Cash, Proof-of-Work is used together with the SHA256 algorithm.

"After the hard-core, it was announced that the Litecoin Cash network will have a transaction speed of about 2.5 minutes. In PRIZM, the block is created every minute on average. That is, even after the introduction of Litecoin Cash, PRIZM outperforms this fork by 2.5 times. PRIZM is ahead not only in this parameter, but also in terms of transaction costs, throughput, it does not require mining capacities and electricity consumption to support its work, and most importantly, as it develops, it does not become centrist,"- Mr. Alexei Muratov commented on the news about Litecoin's hardfork.

  • February 24, 2018 2:05 PM MSK