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PRIZM team participated in the conference "Blockchain and cryptocurrencies: problems and prospects for business"

There is no secret that blockchain and cryptocurrencies are one of the most discussed topics of the year 2017. The past year has set a clear vector for the development of the crypto-currency industry, which, of course, affected the business community. The trend of specialized events, conferences and forums dedicated to the problems and prospects of the cryptocurrencies became very popular. These events are reaching the new level and are gathering more and more crypto enthusiasts, industry experts - in addition, today they are often attended by representatives of government agencies and working groups on legalization / regulation of the cryptocurrency market.

One of such events was a business conference on the topic "Blockchain and cryptocurrencies: problems and prospects for business", held recently in the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Set in the format of several sections and halls, the event attracted large and medium market participants, representatives of start-ups and many other people interested in the developing industry of crypto-currencies.

 PRIZM – is in the locomotive of the industry!

Confidently following the blockchain tendencies, the team of advanced cryptocurrency PRIZM also took part in this indisputably expected and relevant conference.

Immediately after the conference, the Chairman of the board of the International movement "Change the World Together" and the founder of the advanced cryptocurrency PRIZM gave a short interview to Prizm team "Taste of Life".

"Today, at the conference in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, we already spoke about the advantages of PRIZM and the disadvantages which Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies currently have. First of all, these are: technical parameters, speed of transactions, cost of transactions, commission fee size, and high volatility. And most importantly, this is a conceptual problem - the problem of centering. And Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies (whether they are on Proof of Work or on Proof of Stake) - they are all subject to this problem, “ Mr. Alexei Muratov said.

The creator of the advanced crypto currency PRIZM also said: "Our team of developers is the only one in the world that could solve the problem of centering. Not even 1 year has passed since the launch of PRIZM cryptocurrency, but we have already passed the way Bitcoin had passed in the first 2 years of its "life". We are moving into a new financial system today - an open, transparent, built on Blockchain. But which cryptocurrency will be the basis for this financial system, we will live – and see! The strongest and technologically the best - will win. "

 Meanwhile, in the industry

Nowadays, a special place among discussions in blockchain community is the acute issue of regulating / legalizing the market of cryptocurrencies.

Recently, this issue was raised by Mr. Boris Titov - authorized representative of the President of the Russian Federation on the rights of entrepreneurs. The immediate representative of the state infrastructure has sharply criticized the draft law on regulation of cryptocurrencies on the territory of Russia, discussed today. Having taken a rather radical position, Mr. Boris Titov stressed out that it would be better not to make any laws rather than to pass the current version of it.

"The draft which is offered by our Ministry of Finance is a much tougher regulation than it is in Japan, Switzerland, Belarus, Armenia, that is, in all countries that have adopted some kind of legislation. It is better not to pass anything than to adopt such legislation. This draft is just to make sure that the crypto community and the blockchain community would never consider Russia as their homeland. Therefore, we are, of course, very much against this text, "- Mr. Boris Titov commented on the law bill.

 "Blockchain is a technology whcih allows you to control officials. Today, we have the opposite - officials consider the control over people, entrepreneurs, those who deal with blockchain and new technologies – as their most important function. And everything should be the other way around. Blockchain enables people, entrepreneurs, and the technological community to control officials. And of course, they do not like it, " the ombudsman also said, explaining the reason for the state's desire to create such harsh barriers.

To be noted:

The bill, which formulates the order of regulation of digital assets, was announced by the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation on January, 25th. In addition to developing formal regulatory approaches, the bill also provides such definitions as: crypto currency (among them Bitcoin), tokens, mining and ICO.

As per the bill proposed by the Ministry of Finance, cryptocurrency mining are treated as business, cryptocurrencies and tokens are treated as financial assets in a digital format. In turn, smart contracts are presented as contracts in electronic form.

Also, new legal norms suggest that owners and organizers of stock exchanges must be registered as legal entities and comply with federal laws "On securities market" and "On organized trades".

The law bill allows the exchange of crypto-currencies and tokens for other crypto-currencies, rubles and foreign currencies only through exchanges registered exclusively in Russia. In turn, the customers belonging to the category of "unqualified investors" can acquire tokens within the limits of one emission for the amount, not exceeding 50 thousand rubles.  

Earlier, Alexei Muratov also commented on the issue of regulating the market of crypto-currencies in Russia.

"Today Russia should not ban. Blockchain, cryptocurrencies – it is a technological revolution. And all attempts today to ban something and to ignore it can lead to catastrophic consequences.

But on other hand the fact that today all existing crypto-currencies (including Bitcoin) first originate as decentralized projects, position themselves as decentralized projects, but as they develop, they become centrist - that is, control of Bitcoin is now accumulated in the hands of major mining pools and, above all, is located on the territory of China ", - said the founder of PRIZM Aleksei Muratovon air of the channel" Russia-24 ".


  • February 1, 2018 7:30 PM MSK