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The first in the world: first blockchain visualization launched – “Discovery PRIZM”

On December 29th, the PRIZM development team publicly announced a new stage in the development of the project - the interface for the visualization of the blockchain of the advanced crypto currency - called “Discovery PRIZM”. In recent days, the beta version of the “Discovery PRIZM” application for Android operating system has been actively tested by the project programmers and activists of the International social movement "Change the World Together".

Today, the PRIZM development team is ready to present a product, which was expected not only by users of this crypto currency, but also by the industry representatives around the world. “Discovery PRIZM” - the world's first implementation of the graphic version of the blockchain, which was recreated in the project PRIZM. In the near future, during testing of the functionality, new and new versions of Discovery PRIZM will be released.

Open testing of “Discovery PRIZM” is on January 12th. You are kindly requested to participate in the application verification.

The Chairman of Board of the International public movement "Change the World Together", the founder of the crypto-currency PRIZM Mr. Alexei Muratov appeals to all users of the PRIZM crypto currency to launch the versions of Discovery PRIZM on January 12th at 12.00 Moscow time. You can download it via link: 

Alexei Muratov: "Dear friends! Trying to make the project better for all our participants, we encourage you to take a step into the future with us and take part in testing a new service that will help to make PRIZM even more perfect!

The more devices with the installed application - the better. For an hour, the PRIZM development team will test the peak loads.

To build the future, we need materials from the future. Discovery PRIZM is just such a material and soon everyone will be convinced in this. It's just the beginning!"

* Also, you can leave your feedback and suggestions about the versions of “Discovery PRIZM” application by answering the following tweet: 

The launch of “Discovery PRIZM” when capitalization of cryptocurrencies is more than $ 800 billion

As the latest calculations and trends show, in recent months the total volume of market capitalization has increased from about $ 100 billion to $ 801.7 billion.

This trend confirms that the crypto currencies today are pushing out the fiat currencies, more and more strengthening and strengthening in the market. A new financial system is coming to the world - people around the world begin to use cryptocurrencies, refusing to use the banking sector and cash.

As predicted by the Chairman of the international public movement "Change the World Together", Alexei Muratov, today Bitcoin is inferior to crypto-currencies, which are technically more sophisticated. The CWT leader claims that Bitcoin is losing its influence and market share (despite the fact that its price is rising).

 It shows that new crypto-currencies are coming into the industry - those which have the future. In the future, the market will be led by crypto currencies, which exceed Bitcoin in terms of transaction speed, electricity consumption and many other indicators.

PRIZM is a bright representative of the new wave of such cryptocurrencies. Today, PRIZM advanced crypto currency competes not even with Bitcoin, but with other crypto currencies that appear on the market, but do not solve the key market problems-the irrational use of equipment for issuing coins, huge energy consumption, centering after the initial period, and so on.

  • January 9, 2018 2:16 PM MSK