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PRIZM is gaining momentum: activists, forging and development of the advanced cryptocurrency

The number of people using PRIZM is growing exponentially. More and more participants begin to share about the advantages of PRIZM, to replicate the experience of using the advanced cryptocurrency.

The latest trend is vividly confirmed by the huge number of activists, leaders and bloggers who are talking about PRIZM cryptocurrency and are conducting regular webinars, to teach new participants to work with PRIZM.

Also, a huge number of PRIZM users start to do forgin – means they become full "nodes" and owners of the crypto-currency.

For reference:

Forging - network administration. When you connect forgin, your account has the right to generate new blocks in PRIZM blockchain. If at the moment when you form a block (forge), a transaction is made (regardless which part of the world) and it passes through the block you formed, you get a commission for the transaction made at a rate of 0.5%. Fixed commission of 0.5% makes PRIZM a means of payment - comfortable and convenient. This is the advantage of this crypto currency. Forging is one of the types of earnings in PRIZM, which, with the development of the crypto currency, will bring a good profit to the person who is engaged in it. As the network grows, the number of transactions within it will also increase - accordingly, income in the form of forging will increase. Already today, hundreds of users are engaged in forging in the PRIZM network.

Meanwhile in the industry: crypto-currencies gain a legitimate status, becoming an object of trade exchange around the world

So, for today the main topic for discussion in blockchain community is the start of futures trading on Bitcoin. Despite the relatively "fresh" flow of criticism from JPMorgan Chase head Mr. Jamie Daymon, representative of the holding Mr. Nikolaos Panigirtsoglu said in a conversation with CNBC that futures on crypto-currencies "will give legitimacy" to the whole industry. The latter, of course, will positively affect not only Bitcoin, but also all crypto-currencies in general.

"The upcoming launch of futures contracts on well-known exchanges can give Bitcoin legitimacy and increase the attractiveness of the crypto currency market both for retail and institutional investors. In general, the forthcoming appearance of Bitcoin futures can make crypto currency a new class of assets. The value of this new class of assets is determined by the breadth of its distribution as a means of preserving value and a means of payment. If we look at other means of preserving value, such as gold, then the crypto currency has the potential to continue to grow in the future, " an insider from JPMorgan told the American media.

It is also known that the point of view of the well-known strategist from JPMorgan Chase correlates with the recent statement of the head of CME Group Mr.Terry Duffy, who believes that the new exchange trend can reduce the volatility of the first crypto currency, making it a more stable investment tool. 

The idea of ​​trading futures on crypto currency also was supported by the head of the Chicago Stock Options Exchange (CBOE) Mr. Chris Concannon. According to “Business Insider”, in the nearest future CBOE will add futures - not only on Bitcoin, but on other crypto-currencies. “This will start the formation of the Crypto-currency as the most important asset class," said Mr. Chris Concannon.

Also, the head of CBOE added that the exchange headed by him had already planned the introduction of futures on a number of altcoyins, including Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

Unfortunately, there are shortcomings in the work of the first crypto currency. Both Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies were born as decentralized instruments, but as they develop, they become centrist. Today, this problem was solved only by the team of developers PRIZM. Only the advanced PRIZM crypto currency is not subject to the centering problem today: it is not accumulated in the hands of large mining pools or in the hands of holders of large balances due to the fact that in PRIZM the emission of new coins is untied from the tasks of maintaining the system (forging).

  • December 13, 2017 3:32 PM MSK