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PRIZM team took part in "Cryptoconference" held at “Skolkovo Technopark”

Representatives of the International Public Movement "Change the World Together" and the team of the advanced crypto currency PRIZM continue to actively participate in various blockchain events around the world and, of course, the activists could not ignore the most anticipated in the field of cryptocurrency event in Russia, ICO and Blockchain - "Cryptoconference" on the basis of the large-scale “Skolkovo Technopark”.

Speakers, participants and guests of the event received the most detailed information about where it is better to invest nowadays for the highest profits and how is best to interact with the developing industry of crypto-currencies. Also, “Crypto conference” visitors took part in networking with experts of Blockchain technology and evaluated the exhibition of achievements of crypto start-ups.

A little about "Crypto conference"

Initially, the blockchain event was initiated and organized by the company called “CryptoEvent”, which specializes in events of crypto-currency market. In turn, the initiative was supported by the “Skolkovo Foundation” and “Skolkovo Technopark” provided its site and other resources for the event.

During the event, the experts not only talked about the achievements of their start-ups and the current problems of the industry, but also created an interesting two-way communication with the future participants of the digital economy - investors, financiers, businessmen, programmers– with the purpose to exchange opinions. Guests could come up with a general project or business idea during the buffet table as well as during the after-party - in collaboration with the speakers of the "Crypto conference".

Some of the most famous representatives of the “Skolkovo Technopark” visited the "Crypto conference" as moderators and participants in the thematic sections: Director of the Skolkovo Financial Technologies Center Mr. Pavel Novikov, Managing Partner of the Skolkovo Intellectual Property Center Mr. Anton Pushkov and Skolkovo Ventures General Director Mr. Vasily Belov.

Within the framework of the “Crypto conference”, three innovative companies also presented their unique and creative solutions - for this purpose a special ICO Battle was organized. Also, the current topic was raised today - how to organize ICO for the project, how to correctly design the economy of the token and integrate the smart contract into your business.

Of course, the discussion of the legal status of the industry of crypto-currencies in Russia and other parts of the world has not been left without discussion.

In particular, Mr. Pavel Novikov, Director of the Center for Financial Technologies of the Skolkovo Foundation, and moderator of the discussion on the legal aspects of the ICO at the “Crypto conference” said: "The most important challenge for the world today is crypto currency and ICO is a legal field. Technologies are developing, and regulators do not keep up with them. It is this jurisdiction, which will give the most comfortable conditions for the digital economy, and will win in attracting the talented researchers. It is necessary for any country, and first of all - for our country. "

About participation of PRIZM in "Cryptoconference"

"A very good platform - more than one and a half thousand participants. The PRIZM promo-booth has been very popular, many people were interested and we did not even have enough books for all," commented Mr. Alexei Muratov, chairman of the International public movement “CWT” and founder of the advanced crypto-currency PRIZM.

Also within the framework of the conference, the Indian partners of the project studied the functionality of PRIZM crypto currency exchange for further launch of it in India. Experts from India emphasized that due to such technical capabilities, PRIZM has all chances to win recognition of Indian users in the nearest future.

Meanwhile in the industry: Blockchain is gaining momentum in Russia

Conducting of "Crypto conference" at this moment is rather symbolic because of a number of other news of the blockchain industry.

For example, today the city portal of Moscow for open referendums "Active citizen" has completed the implementation of Blockchain technology in its work. The head of the Moscow Information Technologies Department Mr. Artem Yermolayev informed about this innovation today.

In part, this unusual decision was made because of a lot of criticism of the "Active citizen" system - the service was often accused of "rolling votes".

As Mr. Artem Ermolaev informed, the technology of the distributed registry successfully solves the problems of voting control, by allowing monitoring of the process and the timing of votes in real time. Moreover, it provides the opportunity to compare the results of voting with official data.

"To take advantage of blockchain, the user installs on his personal computer a distribution program to create a node of the blockchain network and starts to receive data from the site "Active citizen" in real time. If it is necessary to count the votes, the user launches a program for counting votes and audits the results of voting," the head of the IT department said.

In addition to the referendum service, other projects are also planning to move to Blockchain. Among them: the portal of electronic services and the centralized showcase of state procurement of Moscow.

It is worth recalling that Mr. Andrei Belozerov, the deputy head of the Information Technologies Department of the capital, reported first back in August 2016 about the initiative of the Moscow authorities to become a platform for the use of Blockhain technology.

  • December 7, 2017 7:35 PM MSK